How to Stretch Your Shoes with Alcohol

Stretching your shoes is easy if your shoes are too snug and you need to stretch them only a half size.

This is easier and cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes. If you need your shoes a whole size larger,

you should purchase a new pair of shoes. Follow these steps to stretch your shoes.

Things YouÂ’ll Need:

  • Larger-sized shoe stretcher or shoe tree
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Spray bottle


Place your shoe tree or shoe stretcher into the inside of your shoe. For this to work for stretching,

the stretcher must be larger than your shoe size. Stretchers come with various modes of operation. Some

stretchers crank out to a desired size; others are stationary and must be forced into the shoe.

Prepare your alcohol solution. Fill your spray bottle with a mixture of half water and half rubbing

alcohol. Place the spray nozzle back onto the bottle and shake to ensure a good mixture. If you need

maximum stretching, use a solution of 3/4 alcohol and 1/4 water.

Spray an ample amount on the outside of the shoe. This spray solution will not harm any part of your

shoe or stretcher. Make sure to spray the uppers at every seam and around the sole of the shoe. This is

to give the material the ability to stretch at the areas that are the most reinforced. Make sure to

spray the inside of the shoe around all seams and around the insole as well.

Leave the shoes untouched for at least 4 hours to dry. Once the shoes have dried, try them on to check

the fit. If it is still too snug, repeat these steps again. If you need to restretch your shoes,

reapply an ample amount of solution and allow them to dry for 12 hours. This second application should

completely soak the shoe, just short of dripping. Once they have dried, try them on again to check for

a good fit.

Rubbing-alcohol-based stretching is good for leather goods only. This will not work on denim, plastic or

any other type of upper. This will not stretch the sole of the shoe at all. If you do not have the goods

to stretch your shoes, contact your local cobbler.

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  1. Hi
    Great idea, I didnt know that one :D !
    Another way to strech shoes and make them softer is to place them in the freezer for a few days. Rub them with a water+oil cream like Nivea for example and then place the shoes in a plastic bag and place all inside the freezer. Why does it work? Because the freezer makes water grow a bit, so the water phase on the cream that now is inside the leather will grow and strech it.

    P.S.: As the cream needs to enter inside the shoe material, this will not work for crocks, plastic peep-toes and similar.
    Hope be useful :)

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