How to Save Money at Ikea

Have you been to an IKEA lately? Not online, but to an actual, IKEA retail building. If you have not, you are missing quite an adventure in IKEA shopping. Yes — it may seem easier to order from IKEA online, but if you are in a walking, exercise mood, why not visit an IKEA. Whether you shop online, or in person, here’s how to save money at IKEA.

Do you want to know how to save money at IKEA?

IKEA is known for its Swedish designed, functional furniture and accessories as well as its reasonable prices. However, in today’s economy, you want more than reasonable prices.  If you are like me, you probably want to save lots of money on any purchases you make at IKEA.

Squeeze in exhilarating walking exercises when you shop at IKEA.

Saving money is usually measured in dollars and cents, but savings can also be realized by money trade-offs.  What are money trade-offs?  Money trade-offs include foregoing an expensive gym membership for free exercises. It’s enjoying shopping at IKEA, alone or with friends without forking over money for that expensive movie, or dinner.

Speaking of dinner, did you know that IKEA has its own cafeteria?  IKEA also often has promotions such as giving you the amount you spend on eating at IKEA as a savings on your IKEA purchases.  

You can save money and have fun either alone or with friends while shopping at IKEA.

Do you plan to redesign one of your rooms in your home or your apartment? Skip the expense of hiring a designer or wasting your valuable time poring through furniture design magazines or surfing the net for ideas. Just visit your local IKEA for modern, fashionable design ideas.

Shopping at IKEA is an excellent way to get decorating ideas that you can actually sit on.

You may be thinking, all this is good, but how can you actually save dollars and cents while shopping at IKEA?

Quite simply — Shop the sales. When you shop anywhere, you want to know which items are on sale.  If you do not receive IKEA sales catalogs in the mail, or online, you can sign up for them.  You can also spot sales items in IKEA that have been marked down.

I like the sales catalogs because I can shop in the comfort of my home, before going to the IKEA. In fact, I’ve already marked off items I plan to purchase on my next IKEA shopping trip based on the sales price in the catalog.

The neat thing about IKEA is the sales brochures often give you a price the item sold for last year, compared to the current price — which means you are automatically getting some items on sale without clipping coupons, shopping on a particular sales day, etc.

When I visited IKEA recently — and also by the way —  got a lot of good walking exercise — I saw lots of enticing sales, even on items that were not in my buying radar. I admit, I gave in and bought one or two items that I could not resist because of the sales price. Sometimes it’s ok to veer off your shopping list, as long as you don’t go overboard.  

But a word to the wise, try to have a general idea of what you plan to buy before you shop at IKEA, so you won’t end up buying any and everything that catches your eye.  Exercise self-control as much as you can!

In the warehouse part of IKEA, look for items that you may need in the clearance sections.  These are not scratch and dent items, but simply items that are either in their surplus or not selling as fast as IKEA would like them to.  I found quite a few bargains there that were of very good quality.

Another possible benefit of shopping at IKEA — Meeting your soulmate.

Visit your local IKEA and save.  You will save money and get healthy exercise.  Who knows, you may even meet your someone special there as well.

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