How to Repair a Zipper

This is how your repair a zipper when the sliding part detaches from one side.

Your zipping up your favorite pair of jeans and all of the sudden you notice they just won’t zip up because the little sliding thing that goes up and down is no longer attached to both sides of the zipper.  Do you throw your favorite pair of jeans or jacket or whatever away, or do you spend $12.00 having a dry cleaner repair them or do you save your clothing and your money and fix it yourself.  If you dare to fi it yourself here is how you do it. 

First you must become aware of the various parts of a zipper.  At the top of the zipper there are two pieces of metal that stick out more than the other teeth of the zipper.  This is called the top stop.  The teeth are the pieces of metal that close up together to close the zipper. The slider is the piece that goes up and down and the handle is the thing you hold on to that is connected to the slider.  The tape is the fabric that the zipper is located on.  Not the jeans or jacket but the two lines of fabric directly attached to the fabric.  The piece of metal at the very bottom of the zipper is called the bottom stop. 

Now that you know what everything is called lets get on with fixing that zipper.  The first thing you are going to do is go and get a pair of needle head pliers (pliers with a pointy tip) and a needle and thread. You might not need the needle and thread but if you do you should have it handy.  The next thing you will need to do is turn the garment inside out. 

Locate the bottom stop at the bottom of the zipper, then pry the two sides of it apart with your pliers.  Bring your slider down to bottom stop and re-thread it back in to place.  Then close the stop back up.  If the stop is not holding firm any more take your needle and thread and drag it around the stop a couple of times to firm it up, or if it completely broken do a series of tight stitches over one another to create a new one. 

Your zipper should now be fixed and the slider should go up and down on both sides and your zipper should close.

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