How to Remove Wrinkles From Clothes Without Ironing

Do you dread the task of ironing to remove wrinkles from clothes? Here are some quick and easy ways to get the job done without an iron.

On a hot summer day, it can seem like a monumental task to get the hot iron out to remove wrinkles from clothes. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to remove those clothing wrinkles that won’t have you leaning over a hot ironing board. Here’s how to remove wrinkles from clothes:

Use your dryer to zap wrinkles

Dampen a towel with water and place it into your dryer along with your wrinkled piece of clothing. Turn the dryer on low for five to ten minutes until the damp towel is dry. Remove the piece of clothing and you should see significantly less wrinkling. Plus, it’s quick and easy.

Use your shower to remove wrinkles from clothes

The hot steam from a shower can work magic for removal of clothes wrinkles. When you head to the shower in the morning, hang your wrinkled piece of clothing on a hanger outside the shower door. When you finish your shower, your clothing will be ready to wear without those pesky wrinkles.

Use an instant wrinkle remover

You can buy aerosolized sprays that will quickly remove wrinkles from clothes, at least the superficial ones. While this won’t necessarily work for deep wrinkles, it’s a nice way to touch up a piece of clothing. You can find these instant wrinkle removers in drugstores and online.

Other ways to make the task of dealing with clothing wrinkles easier is to buy fabrics that are less likely to wrinkle and avoid fabrics such as linen that looks wrinkled even after you iron it. When you dry clothing in the dryer, be sure to remove it immediately after the drying cycle to prevent excessive wrinkling. Always keep clothes on hangers and nicely spaced in your closet. By practicing a little prevention, you’ll have less need to remove wrinkles from clothes.

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