How to Patch a Hole in Your Jeans at The Seam

Ever had the misfortune of tearing that favorite pair of pants right at the seam? Well, here is an easy and effective way to have them back in action in no time.

Although a tear in the seam of your favorite jeans may look daunting, It is actually quite easy to fix if you follow these simple instructions:

  1. First, you must examine and take note of the damaged seam and figure out just how much damage has been done to it. If the fabric around the seam is fairly undamaged, you should be able to proceed with these tips without having to place a fusible interlacing on your jeans or, even worse, have to patch them.

  2. There are three typical seam types: Flatfell, French, and straight seams. They all recquire a different method to fix the seam, so identify which type of seam you have damaged before you begin any type of fix.

  3. Try to find out if you can use a sewing machine to repair your jeans, it will save you an amazing amount of time.

The most common type of seam is the flatfell, so that is what I will teach you to stitch.

  1. You can fix the flatfell seam in a pair of jeans simply by beginning to press the ripped portion under the other side of the jeans, following the line of the damaged portion.

  2. Perform a simple topstitch next to the pressing line, inserting your needle at least 1 quarter of an inch before the existing stitching line stops.

  3. Repeat your top stitching until satisfactory that your jeans will not simply re-tear.

    Congratulations! You’ve learned how to repair the stitching on your jeans!

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