How to Make Your Own Aquarium or Pond Filter

This is a home made filter to fit a small pond (up to 50 gallons) or a medium sized aquarium. It can also be used without filter material to make a waterfall in your pond.

A few years ago I didn’t have the funds to buy a filter for a small 50 gallon pond I made in the back yard, but I did have a small pump and a bunch of hose that fit it. I needed a way to filter the water so I made a filter and extra hose can be used to create a waterfall effect if you wish. It worked pretty good until this year when we got a much larger pond and finally purchased a bigger filter. I used it in my <a href=””>back yard gold fish pond</a> fo some time.

Here’s how I did it. The pump was a submersible type you can buy at any pet shop or fish supplier or even plumbing supplier as was the hose, but that’s where it stopped. I took a 12 inch long piece of 3 inch PVC pipe, capped one end with plumbers PVC glue and glued a removable end on the other using a cleanout trap sold in any plumbing supply. (In the diagram the end cap the only part needed is the cap itself, not the black part. It will fit right on the pipe. The clean out is the open end with the two pieces. These are sold at any plumbing supply and almost always available in all white ABS or PVC plastic. Choose any color you want. They’re available usually in white, black or gray.)Then I drilled two ¾ inch holes on opposite ends of the pipe and tapped in two plastic hose ends. Make sure to drill straight and exact as possible then seal with Teflon tape One hose went from the pump to the hose end furthest from the opening and the other hose I looped through some rocks I had piled at the end of the pond to form a small waterfall. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Check the diagram.

So far so good, but an empty pipe is not a good filter so I cut a piece of sponge type filter material, rolled it up to fit into the pipe then capped it. I then turned on the pump and it worked fine, but one problem I ran into was air pockets so to fix that problem I often had to remove one hose and either blow or suck on it to force some of the water to take up the air pockets. This setup can work as I used it for a water fall or can be used as a plain filter. Use a very loose type filter material or this type filter will tend to clog easily. Don’t use that white cloth-like stuff. It clogs very easy.

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