How to Make Yellowish White Shirt White Again

No strong chemical needed. What you need is just some Spinach.

White shirt normally turn yellow from age.  It is hard to clean it with just normal detergent while strong chemical cleaning agent may be harsh on the shirt.  It is best to use the natural way to clean it.

1. Put 1 bunch of spinach into a pot of water and boil it.  Remove the spinach after boiled.  Pour the water into a pail.

2. Put the yellowish white shirt into the pail and rub it.  Soak it for another 10 minutes

3. Take up the shirt and wash it as your normal washing procedure.  The shirt will become white again.

The yellowish stain on white shirt is mainly made up of protein, while the component in the boiled spinach water can effectively dissolve the protein.

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