How to Make an Envelope

Simple steps to make your own envelope. Besides the simple folding, the step-by-step tutorial (with photos included) shows you how to fold a stylist envelope. These envelopes are perfect for enclosing love letter, memo, short note, or even a gift card for your beloved one during the festive seasons or birthday, particularly during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and etc. Just make one of them, it’s simply intoxicating!

It is very easy to make an envelope. Do it now and have your own quality and beautifully designed envelope to show off in front of your friend.

Note: All photos by author.

Simple Folding

Step 1

Get a piece of any paper you like but make sure it must be in A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches or 210 x 297 mm).

Step 2

Fold the paper into three parts.

Step 3

Open up the paper. Make sure that Part A and Part B are the same size while Part C is smaller.

Step 4

Then, fold about one-centimeter margin along both sides of the paper.

Step 5

From step 4, cut out the margin for the Parts A and C only.

Step 6

Fold Part A onto Part B.

Step 7

Now, fold the margin of Part B onto Part A.

Step 8

From step 7, glue the margins.

Step 9

You may also fold in the corners of Part C and cut along the black lines to make your envelope have a nicer flap to seal.

Step 10

Wow, congrats! Now, you have your envelope ready.

Bonus added step

To make your envelope looks attractive, you can attach the paper heart on top of it as shown in the photos. Smooth out the paper heart by applying glue to any opening ends. To make a paper heart, kindly visit how to make a paper heart.

Other Bonus Added Envelope Folding

Method A

Step 1

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  1. Good idea when I am out of envelopes.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Some of us need illustrations. But thanks anyway.

  4. ya im 13 and i need illustrations! sheeeesh (ya im the cool one from BC)

  5. I’ve sent the scaned sketched picture to Triond but they said that the picture is low in quality. Therefore, it couldn’t be seen in this text. Can anyone suggest ways to solve this problem? Thank you.

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  7. Great. Why didn’t I think of that?

  8. Chan, now we can have envelopes for our home made Christmas cards.
    Take care.

  9. Arigato helpful site

  10. it does not work

  11. Dear smelly,

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    Thank you.

  12. ver nice..the picture on ur blog was ecxellent. thanxx…i just didn’t kno wut a4 meant…

  13. You are dumb then. Who in the flipping world doesn’t know what A4 means? And for flipping gods sake speak in english! You see, NORMAL SPEAKING people don’t know what ver, ur, ecxellent, thanxx, kno, wut means. I mean, come on, it’d take you about 10 more seconds to do the proper words!

    Very nice tutorial, I must try it some time.

  14. this helped but i need some illustrations!

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  16. hahahaha im in school doing nothing u geeks =P

  17. what does A4 mean? this didn’t help me at all!

  18. A4 means the sizes of the paper… letter size

  19. sorry, i didnt know what a4 ment untill i read these comments and im the smartest in my classes but i do agree that you need some illustrations cause some of us want to send love note fast and easy with nice strong envolopes thanks anyway i dont mean to hurt you feelings

  20. To all readers,

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  21. Thank you so much! This is awesome!

  22. a step description is worth amillion words

  23. heyy i love this im making chrissy cards home made ones and i needed a web site that sed how to make envolopes

  24. You are a good teacher.

  25. Nice article CHAN!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  26. nice articule as usual !!
    take care

  27. I was just looking for a site that taught how to make envelopes.

  28. cool

  29. how can u know what A4 is, how dumb can u get!!!!

  30. To Cutie,

    I’ve stated what A4 is in this article. It’s measured at 8.27 x 11.69 inches or 210 x 297 mm. Please take a look and read it carefully.

  31. that is so cool

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  33. you’re all retards as well!!!!!!!!!

  34. haha, legend is a legend.

    please, how could you not know what A4 means ?
    it’s a standard size paper .
    for gods sake, im 14 .

  35. That didn’t help me much sorry if I hurt your feelings.

  36. You have a way of making ordinary things extraordinary my friend.

  37. OMG! someone dosent know what A4 means!When i was 6 1/2 i knew what A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 … meant you Sado’s you lot need to go to in nursery!

    BTW! Chang Lee Peng
    are you a robot coz you sound really formal by the way you type your messages back its not casual!

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    …… I wish i was in australia right now!!!!!! >:7(

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  45. That fight was just so random! Anyway Hot Cocoa do you have a girlfriend right now coz my sister is single and she is 17 and shes looking for a boyfriend….. :)

  46. dude you are awsome at makeing folders out of paper

  47. Wow, thanks. this is amazing. now i don’t need to buy envelopes, i will just make them. this is also very, very easy to make (the first one that is). thank you so much Chang Lee Peng.

  48. 0erfect for my band layin

  49. THanx It Help Me Alot
    REalli Greatfull To Whoever Put This ON!

  50. this is really cool thanks for teaching me how to do this

  51. wow. i was just reading all these comments, and wow. thats all i have to say. the envelopes suck though…

  52. this helped me when i need to give in letters at skool

  53. I practised to make a envelope already but I know it by heart

  54. hi cool i just made one because my couisn need an evelope for her mums card

  55. It helped me when I had to do one for Christmas

  56. It helped me when I had to do one for Christmas

  57. jablo ang hirap naman

  58. Thank u cause of u i am goin 2 writ a letter to my (goin to be) girl. thamks

  59. very interesting, more?

  60. it was a good help

  61. dododod shiittttttt cool bc?????ugh ??????do-do :P

  62. Great step by step how to.

  63. realy useful

  64. To those who are shocked at people not knowing what A4 is, remember that in the US, A4 is not used.

    For those in the US who are confused – Letter size will work just as well.

  65. thank-you this helped me a lot :)

  66. Great information. Well Explained with the photo´s. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading.

  67. Omg! You guys don’t know what A4 Means but i do and im just 10!

  68. Omg! You guys don\’t know what A4 Means but i do and im just 10!

  69. Tare ……ma chinuiam sa fac un plic amarat… plus are sh aspect frumos

  70. Thank you!

  71. needed an envelope for my history project, this was really useful.. but would you be able to do one that has a triangular seal bit rather than a trapezium one too? thanks again

  72. I needed an envelope for my history project, this was really useful.. but would you be able to do one that has a triangular seal bit rather than a trapezium one too? thanks again

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