How to Make a Tie and Dye Tablecloth in Five Easy Steps

Give your dining table a new look with this simple method.


  1. First, pour two to three different colors of cloth dye into separate containers.
  2. Then, take a piece of white cloth.
  3. Take or pinch different portions of the cloth and tie the portions with rubber bands.
  4. Dip each portion into the color that you want. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly after this.
  5. Next, dry the cloth in the hot sun until it has dried. After that, untie the rubber bands. You will get a colorful cloth with ring patterns on it.

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  1. You make it sound really easy, friend.

  2. This is nice dyeing method. Shirt designs will work as well.

  3. These are simple steps. Thanks Chan :)

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