How to Make a Slingshot

Make a fun toy, the slingshot.


  • A “Y” shaped stick. (or something else “Y” shaped but it has to be sturdy.)
  • A thick and stretchy elastic band. (this will be cut so try to get a long one.)
  • 2 normal rubber bands.
  • A piece of leather. (approx 5cm by 5cm)
  • Scissors.


  1. Get the piece of leather and fold it in half to form a rectangle
  2. Get the scissors and make 2 slits around the width of the thick rubber band 1cm from the edges. Don’t cut off any leather. Make sure the edges you cut are the shorter side of the rectangle and the cuts go through to the other side.
  3. Cut the rubber band so you get one long piece. Thread it through the 2 cuts. Make sure you thread behind the leather as well.
  4. Attach one side of the rubber band at the top of the forks on the “Y” shaped stick with another rubber band. Then do the same with the other side of the band except attach it to the other fork of the stick.
  5. You have completed your slingshot
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  1. bljghggu

  2. I hatee sling shots i think thery are so boring s ha al tohose oerople thav makece sling shots i have a 10nin al my clases

  3. sling shots ar fun especialy shooting kids ps i luv edward

  4. slingshots are ace and this method works well

  5. it is the most funest thing

  6. Why the hell u want to shoot kids for?I shoot birds.

  7. Thank you so much!

  8. i love sling shots i just can never find a y shaped stick

  9. lol i will try it

  10. i like your idea but i cant find a y shaped stick

  11. Keep searching, you’ll find one soon :)

  12. were can i find a y shaped stick
    when ever i find 1 it is always to thin
    im the biggest fan of sling shots all i need is a stick please send me a answer of how i can get 1 please!!!

  13. mitch,
    It depends on where you live. If there aren’t many trees nearby, you could go to the closest park. You could also try a national reserve. Never cut the branches from the trees, or snap them off. Only pickup ones which are on the ground. Just try searching around, it shouldn’t be that hard.

  14. U can buy a good one at Cabela’s for $15

  15. You can find slingshots at a lot of places. This way is basically free, if you have everything at home.

  16. slingshots are awsome

  17. its not sturdy sticks around here so what is i am suposed to do right now

  18. you can by 5 dollar sling shots at wal mart

  19. man all of you are stupid

  20. bob looks dom al of u

  21. tyler fitzgerald,
    If there are no sticks, try using small PVC pipes. They are quite sturdy, but hard to put in a Y shape. You could try it out.


  23. just buy it in a’s difficult to find a y shape branch

  24. you gay punk. your suposed to write a comment about the sling shot fool.

  25. Merits to you, for your devotion in writing this walkthrough. The instructions are, to me, a clear written exemplification. All should be bound to expose gratitude rather than to spout wretched, mean, vulgar, and thus undesirable foolish senselessness. Thank you.

  26. Thank you Diego. :)

  27. try to make a metel slingshot it works better than wood

  28. Yes it does work better, but metal is harder to shape than wood, and some sticks are in a Y shape already, so you do not need to alter it.

  29. i love shooting people but i like to shoot girls in the ass

  30. hi , im realli angry coz i couldnt find a y shaped stick so i cut the three parts and stuck them together with seletape. i spent like two hours preparing everything but then it fell then i got really pissed of and lobbed it a this guy outside.bad move ha ha!hes my mate anyway.

    do you have ani suggestions on what to bdo WITHOUT finding a y shaped stick or metal stuff , my resources are limited :(

    because i dont want to spend money buying metal when i can use wood

    (by the way , theres a woodland area nearby but ive searched high and low and nothings there)

  31. You can try PVC pipes, like I suggested before. Some come in Y shapes if you know where to look. Or you could get 2 sticks and hold them in a V shape, just like you would hold a normal slingshot, but it may be difficult.
    Good luck.

  32. yeye sound

    but gess wat i found last nite – too branches lmfao!

    im gonna use ur method to make it coz im a bit simple tpo be fair , and i can achelli understand this rofl !

  33. i made a slingshot that works grate but wine i pole back the top of the sleeng shot gos back and mi ame goes of do any of you gise no howe to make a band to hold the slingshot still.

  34. Slingshots with support can be bought, otherwise you can try to grip the slingshot more firmly.

  35. try making a bbgun

  36. thx u saved my but

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