How to Make a Pair of Boxer Shorts

A step by step guide on how to make a pair of polyester satin boxer shorts.

Firstly, you need to buy the material and equipment for your project. The material should be polyester satin and ask for 1.5 meters worth. You should have:

  • Unpicker
  • Material
  • Bobbin suitable for Bernina
  • Same color thread
  • A sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Tailor’s Chalk

Measure your waist, hip and leg and record it down. Then determine your pattern size as following:

  • X-small = hip 79 – 83 cm
  • Small = hip 89 – 94cm
  • Medium = hip 99 – 104 cm
  • Large = hip 109 – 114 cm
  • X-large = hip 119 – 124 cm

If your measurement is in-between the pattern sizes, select the larger size instead of the smaller size. For example, you are 96 cm hip, choose medium instead of small.

Lay the fabric onto the pattern and make sure the edges are aligned by measuring the distance between the fabric and pattern on each side. When you are satisfied with the position, pin the material and pattern together and cut the fabric out. Unpin the pattern.

The first thing you will need to sew is a line connecting two of the pieces together. Sew the pieces as shown below with a straight stitch
and then zigzag. Once you have sewn the pieces
together, there should be two parts.

Now, get one of the back pattern sides and one of the front pattern sides and pin the crotch together making sure that the two pieces are together, don’t worry about the other sides, just make sure the crotch is aligned.

Once you are happy, thread the sewing machine and sew the crotch with a straight stitch (0, 0, 2 ½) 1.5 cm off the edge (remember to backtrack [to lift the lever up at the start and end to ensure the stitch doesn't come undone] at the start and end). Only sew the crotch together (it looks like a horse shoe) and now do a zigzag stitch right on the side (0 or 1, 3, 1) to make sure the material doesn’t fray. Remember to backtrack.

Turn the pants over so it looks like you can wear them and pin the sides together. Repeat the straight stitch, and then zigzag process on both sides. You should now be left with the shape of your shorts; all you need to do now is making spaces for your elastic to go in and makes the ends for your pants less rough.

To do this, you will need start to roll the fabric on then edges as

Pin the rolled sides together.

Now, sew the rolled edges together using a straight stitch close to the edge. Remember to leave a space when you are sewing on the top side (where you put two finger spaces) so you can pull the elastic through.

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  1. cool

  2. verryyy awesome>>>>>

  3. It sounds easy. ot that I’m saying sewing is for women only, but I’ve never sewed before. I’ll give it a try though.

  4. Sorry, where is the pattern? :S

  5. I would like to hawe the pattern….can you send it to my?

  6. I am gonna try this :-) Alex

  7. Will try to make me one of these. Pajama substitute. ^^

  8. This looks pretty good and straightforward, but where is the pattern?

    I have made boxers before but I used Runo’s free pattern and all the guys who got a pair say that they are too tight in the legs.

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