How to Make a Barbecue From a Washing Machine

An idiot’s guide. Absolutely simple. No skills or special tools needed. Yes I am serious and no it’s not a joke. From an everyday washing machine you can have a spinning, rotating wood burner and barbecue! Read on for picture by picture instructions.

It’s one of those days. You have just saved up enough cash to buy that barbecue that you’ve had your eye on in the store, and what happens – the washing machine gives up the ghost! Bang goes the barbecue because the cash will have to go towards the cost of a new washing machine. Don’t despair, go and get that new washer and your old washer can be turned into an incinerator for garden rubbish, an outdoor log burner and a barbecue.

It is not at all difficult and you need no skills other than to be able to use a screwdriver and a spanner to take the old washer apart.

Once the washer is unplugged and disconnected from the water service get it out of the house to where you can work on it. You will probably find that a washing machine is the heaviest household appliance that you have. This is because there is a large block of concrete inside it. This is to keep the washing drum on its axis and to stop it dancing and bucking around the room when in use.

If you are a bit clumsy now might be a good time to save your skin and put a pair of gloves on. (Whenever I used to volunteer to do a job for my mother-in-law the first thing she would do would be to get the band-aids ready!)

You are only interested in the drum inside the machine. Therefore in unscrewing the cabinet from around it, it doesn’t matter what damage you do, because the rest of it is scrap. If a screw won’t undo then use a hammer and chisel.

The concrete block that is bolted to the drum can now be removed with spanners.

This is what you should be left with:

Fig 1 View of the drum from the front.

Fig 2. View of the drum from the rear. The drum’s axle can be seen in the centre of the back plate.

In Fig 2 you can see a lighter alloy back plate on the drum. This is bolted to the drum.

Undo and dispose of the bolts. You now no longer need any spanners or screwdrivers.

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  1. Very ingenious x

  2. You are very patient and full of ideas my friend!

  3. That is just plain spiffy! I don’t need a brazier just now, but I’m thinking seriously of how I can adapt this idea for composting. I’ll get back to you on that… You see, I just happen to have a broken washing machine on hand.

  4. You must produce your innovation in large number I guess! Then, make a label “As you seen on TV”.

  5. Now this is a useful article, Chris! This is going to be a brand new Barbecue Experience for me!

  6. Great idea.

    And thanks for the comment Dave.


  7. Great article, CJ. I tried this with our old washing machine but found it a bit of a bugger putting it back together again everytime my wife wanted to do the washing!

  8. wow! cool

  9. that is one of the coolest articles that I have ever seen grace the triond pages! BRAVO!

  10. Wow………. now that’s creative ingenuity! Nice work*



    -Liane Schmidt.

  11. That is totally an awesome idea, and a great way to “recycle”.
    But it makes perfect sense.

  12. Excellent!!..great work!!..Thanx for sharing this wonderful creative piece..

  13. silly of me.. but I really thought that it was a WORKING washing machine that will be used and not a broken one…

  14. You can also make a fine compost turner out of one of these. Really well thought out article with the pictures. Thanks!

  15. That was cool. How well does it cook?

  16. Good idea. Another practical way to barbecue…haha..

  17. Tried it, but I’m all washed up.
    I spun around in circles trying to figure it out, finally, after bouncing around, I cycled out to the hardware store, but they were re-loading the shelves.

  18. Wow CJ my dad use to use old washers on the beach for cooking lobster when he brought them in from the ocean. The down side is we were promptly sent to the road to sell them to anyone that was passing by , I think at that time they were about a dollar a lobster, times have changed lol. This is an excellent idea, great write and read

  19. With a title like that, how could I resist? A splendid idea but, unfortunately, I own the copyright to it! Mind you, I’m quite open to a small bribe …

    Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever read on saving some brass. Have a beer on me!

    PS. I was joking about the copyright.

  20. Thanks for the comments. It cooks very well Pam, we’ve been using it for the last couple of years.

  21. Now thats recycling for you! Get the burgers on!

  22. I believe in using up, wearing out, and making do. I certainly like this article.

  23. Very clever and a great way of recycling, bravo!

  24. Never seen anything like it and never would of thought to use one this way, great d@m write!

  25. Wow, I would have never thought to use a washing machine as a BBQ! I loved this article and bookmarked it so that I can forward it on to some friends.

  26. I would of never though of that! Great information!

  27. Hello Chris,

    I had a similar construction when I was a kid. We used the an old disused mangle style washer even though I am not as old as a grandma!

    We also place a two circular saws atop it. Made wonderful hamburgers.

    Cheers, j

  28. This is both interesting and very creative. Great job!

  29. This is wonderful! I love it. Someone at church took a 50 gallon drum and made a grill out of it also; really cool (well, really hot). Brilliant idea here.

  30. Wickedly cool! Especially when you’re on hard times CJ. Beats the four-gallon metal drum with a wood fire underneath it!!

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