How to Install an Invisible Zipper

Simple instructions for the home sewer, who would like to learn the steps and helpful hints of invisible zipper installation. Use this method anywhere you would like your garment to have a finished seam look.

Before we get started be sure that you have the necessary sewing tools and notions on hand.  These are as follows:

  • Sewing machine and sewing machine manual if available
  • Invisible zipper sewing machine foot (can be purchased where invisible zippers are sold)
  • Invisible zipper, choose the zipper length appropriate to your zipper opening 
  • Thread to match your zipper
  • Basic sewing supplies hand sewing needle, quilt sewing pins, scissors 
  • Iron and flat ironing surface

Begin by exchanging your existing sewing machine foot accessory on your sewing machine with the new purchased invisible zipper foot.  Then complete the following:

  • Remove the zipper from the zipper sealed package and open or unzip the zipper
  • Prepare your fabric by laying it down on a flat surface, where the two pieces of fabric are right side up and facing you
  • Pin the zipper to the right side of the fabric with coils of the zipper facing outward, approximately 5/8 inches away from the raw edge
  • The back of the zipper pull housing will actually be facing you
  • Repeat the same process on the other side of fabric  
  • Your fabric will be in two separate pieces at this point 
  • On the right side of fabric with the pinned zipper in place,lower the zipper foot onto the zipper, making sure the coil of the zipper fits the designated channel area of the zipper foot, this will resemble a tunnel like groove.
  • Sew at the top of zipper all the way down to the zipper pull,  or as far as the zipper foot will allow you to sew
  • Repeat on the other side of fabric and zipper
  • Zip the zipper closed 
  • Hold the two pieces of fabric where the zipper pull stops together
  • With right sides together, begin to sew where you ended the last stitch, on the wrong side of fabric
  • Finish the stitch with a back tack which is by sewing forward then reverse directly on top of the last stitches
  • On the right side of fabric, with the zipper closed, lightly press the seam where you have just installed the  zipper, making sure there is no crease and resembles a flat seam
  • On the wrong side of fabric, from where you previously joined the two fabric pieces together, open the seam, press flat with iron


You have just completed your installation of an invisible zipper and it looks great!

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  1. How do you sew an invisible zipper with pockets; that is, on the side of the pants I want a pocket also. Any one know how to do this?


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