How to Fix a Clogged Pump in Washing Machines

A step by step guide to fixing a clogged washing machine pump. This.

3) For automatic/modern machines, once you have switched it off leave it for a minute before opening the door. Opening the door any sooner won’t work cause the door automatically locks. With basin in hand, open the door slowly and collect as much water as you can. 

4) Once the water has drain out of the drum, remove the clothes and place them in a separate container (basin etc). Mop any water that would have poured out to the floor using the cloths you had prepared earlier. Once all the water has been removed from the inside of the washing machine’s drum, close the door and gently tip the washing machine so that it’s leaning against something stable e.g a wall. This makes it easier to access the pump. 

5) Take a basin (if using the same one you did to collect water from the drum see point 3 above) make sure to empty it first, then place it under the tipped machine i.e., place it in the gap below the machine as now the machine is resting on the two legs at the back and the wall but not the front part. 

6) Carefully unclasp the bottom draw of the washing machine, which will reveal the pump part. The pump frontal area is a round cap usually on the bottom right inside the un-clipped draw on the bottom part of the machine. Unscrew the cap slowly and collect the water gushing out into the basin underneath. Once all the water has poured out check the contents, usually bits that were blocking water flow in the machine would have been flushed out into the basin. 

7) To be sure that the pump is clear of bits and pieces caught in it, gently put your hand or fingers in the pump hole, once you have removed the cap. Anything still caught will usually be on inside of the pump. Remove anything still stuck gently and with care. 

8) Screw the cap back into the pump and clip the cover back on the bottom draw part. Remove the basin and mop dry any remaining water from the floor. Finally put the washing machine back and try washing something. I suggest washing the cloths you used to mop all the water first. 

If that works then you have unclogged your washing machine pump and saved yourself seven two pounds! Congratulations! 

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