How to Extend Your House

Everything you need to know for a DIY addition to your home.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Claw Hammer
  • Lump Hammer  
  • Sledge Hammer  
  • KANGO Hammer
  • Hand Saw         
  • Skill Saw           
  • Pad Saw (for cutting plaster boards/drywall)
  • Shovel     
  • Cement Mixer   
  • A Meter Long Level   
  • Trowel   
  • 12m Measuring Tape  
  • Handheld Concrete Float
  • Spray Paint          
  • String Line     
  • Angle Grinder  
  • Con Saw (for cutting through your path that surrounds your house)
  • A Line Level  
  • Drill  
  • Plastering Trowel


  • Concrete heads (for the windows and above the doors to keep the blocks that sit on top of the window openings)
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Blocks
  • Bricks ( if your house is a brick house )
  • Concrete ( order from a company )
  • 2×1 (to hold the plaster board to the walls and the slates to the roof)
  • 9×3 (for the roof and a bridge to float the concrete)
  • 9×1 1/2 (used to finish the roof and hang the gutters on )
  • Roof Tiles (for a better effect, get them to match the house)
  • Roll Of Flashing Lead (don’t get the new tar stuff, it doesn’t last)
  • Steel grids (2 for every 12 feet, to put in the floor to reinforce the concrete)
  • Windows
  • Door
  • Window Sills
  • Skimming Plaster
  • Skimming Tape (for the joints in the plaster board)
  • Gutter Piping Vis Screen (roll of plastic for under the concrete floor stops gases from entering your home)
  • Rolls Of 13-inch Damp Course Joint Gutters (a small gutter object that slots into the joints between blocks to allow water escape)
  • Insulation sheets for the walls and Rolls of Insulation For the roof
  • Wall Ties
  • Express Nails
  • Hanger Ties (strips of steel with holes in them that keep the timber on the top the wall; they run from the outside of the wall over the top and nailed on, on the inside)
  • Rolls of Felt (goes under the roof tiles)


Take the Area of where you want to extend your house be it the whole length of the back of your house or just 10 or 12 feet of it. You will need the Measuring Tape and the Spray Paint, Lump Hammer, 2 Steel Pins (you can cut these off the steel grid) String Line

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  1. Well, you have all the tools and materials, now you can get to work building the extra room that I am planning. Spring will soon be here, So put it on your to-do list.

  2. haha, i’ll try if i can do that! good post!

  3. good article, guess i miss being a carpenter..

  4. Very detailed information

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