How to Easily Clean a Suitcase

Do you know how to easily clean a suitcase that you have just used? If not, read this article.

If yo do not travel often, you should always clean your suitcase before you put it away or pack it. Doing that will help you prevent any dust or annoying odours from getting on your clothes while they are in the suitcase. It is not hard to clean it, you just need to know how and do it regularly. Here is how to easily clean a suitcase:

Before you begin cleaning it, make sure you have emptied it. Remove everything you have left inside from your last trip. Cleaners Frankston remind us not to forget all the small pockets. Also remove all the old luggage tags, to be sure that the suitcase does not get routed to the wrong place by mistake.

After that. Take a bush and brush the inside and outside of the suitcase. This will help you loosen the dirt and dust that has built up.

Then, take your vacuum and put on the upholstery attachment. With it vacuum the inside of the suitcase. Do not forget all the small pockets.

Next thing to do is to dampen a cloth and add a few drops of liquid detergent to it. With it, wipe the outside and inside of the suitcase. This way you will wash it and remove any stains that have occurred. Use an other dampen cloth to rinse it off.

Find a fabric freshener and spray a little inside the suitcase. You can also use your favourite perfume. If you are going to put the suitcase away for a while, a good idea is to put a small box of baking soda in it. It will absorb all the odours.

Make sure you leave the suitcase open to air dry. Cleaners Brunswick say you should not put it away or use it until it is completely dry.

Next time you come home from a trip, store your suit case in a dry and clean place. Cover it with something to avoid dust build up. You could also put a dryer sheet inside before putting it away.   

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  1. A nifty ‘how to’ article. Thanks for the tips!

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