How to Clean a Milk Spill and Get Rid of the Smell

If you’ve recently had a glass of milk spill on your couch or in your car, you will want to find out how to clean it up. Read this article to learn how to get rid of that sour milk smell.

Every parent has probably cringed at the smell of sour milk from the lost or missing summer sippy. That milk that was left in the container certainly does not smell pleasant. Well, what happens if you have had a recent milk spill? Can you get rid of that smell? How do you properly clean such a mess?

We all have had a bit of milk spill on our outfit at some point in time. Parents undoubtedly have experienced milk or formula spilling onto a baby or toddler’s clothing. Such a milk spill does certainly make a mess, but clothing is reasonably easy to clean. A quick zip through the washer and dryer will usually do the trick.

On the other hand, what if that glass of milk has gotten spilled on your couch? What if it has been dumped onto your backseat of the family van? Trust me. Cleaning up such a mess is not a simple task. If you have a couch cover or seat cover, it may be possible to snatch it up quickly and pray it does not soak into the fabric and material of the seat itself.

On those occasions when you just can’t fling the love seat into the washer and dryer,

Proper cleanup of a milk spill is a must. That sour smell will simply set into the material and be hanging around for months or years to come without knowing just what to do.

Treating a milk spill right away is the best approach, whenever possible. As soon as possible, use paper towels or a clean cloth to wipe up as much of the spilled milk as you possibly can. Now, using a wet cloth, do your best to scrub the milk out of the fabric. Blot the area dry with a dry cloth or paper towel.

What you do next is the most important step in the cleanup process. Spray the material well with Lysol. Be certain that you completely cover the entire area of the milk spill. The Lysol will kill the bacteria that cause that nasty sour milk odor. Sometimes, you may need to repeat the last step. Spraying the area with Lysol a couple of times will ensure your living room or car smells fresh, not repulsive.

Adding an additional step of Lysol to the cleanup process really makes a huge difference when it comes to spilled milk. Taking the time for the extra step will rid the air of any sour milk odor. This added step is easy and inexpensive. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Simply use Lysol.

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