How to: Brake Rotors

Explains how to replace or maintain brake rotors on most vehicles.


Brake rotors are a main part of the vehicles braking system. A rotor is basically a machined plate of metal that rotates with the wheel hubs. These plates are machined so that the friction material on the brake pad can grab the rotor and stop the vehicle. These rotors tend to warp and wear do to heat and excess braking. If your brake pedal pulsates when you press on it that means the rotors are warped. Also if the rotors fall below the manufacturers minimum thickness they need to be replaced. It is best to replace rotors in two.
Tools Needed

Safety glasses


Lug wrench or impact

Mechanics wire


1. Raise and support vehicle

2. Remove wheel with lug wrench or impact

3. Remove the caliper bracket bolts and remove the caliper and bracket off together. Hang the caliper from the vehicle with mechanics wire so it does not fall and tear the brake hose.

4. The caliper should pull right off. If it is stuck on there too much you can heat up the middle with a torch and hit the non machined part with a hammer.(Some rotors will have a screw that holds it to the hub. Remove this screw before removal of rotor)

5. Compare the new rotor to the old rotor and install it on the hub.

6. Place the caliper and bracket onto the rotor and mount it to the steering knuckle.

7. Mount the wheel and tire back onto the hub, then complete the other side.

8. Lower vehicle and test drive it to ensure proper brake function.

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