How to Antique Your Own Furniture

This article gives your ideas and step by step directions on how to antique your own furniture without breaking the bank.

Furniture which is made to look like an old antique is very popular in homes today. However, this kind of furniture can be very expensive in furniture stores. If this is the look you desire to have in your home, it is very easy to create that one of a kind antique look on your own for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a furniture store.

Begin by finding the furniture you would like to antique. Apply a generous coat of primer to the entire piece of furniture and allow it to dry overnight. The next day, apply a base coat of paint in any color you desire. Latex based paint is the best paint to use for this type of project as it goes on easier and will dry faster than other paints. After the base coat is dry, it is now time to apply the top coat of paint. Allow the top coat of paint to dry for at least two days. Now it is time to begin to antique the furniture. Old or antique furniture has noticeable worn places or layers of chipped paint from years of use. In order to get this look, start with 60-grit sandpaper and very gently and lightly begin to sand the furniture in places which would normally show wear, such as the arm rests of a chair. Keep sanding lightly until you start to see the paint underneath the top coat, taking care to not sand too deeply to expose the primer. Next, use 120-grit sandpaper and go over the same areas you just sanded to smooth out the surface to make it look as if it were worn naturally. If you desire to create an even more aged or worn surface, you can scar the furniture with rough or hard items before starting the painting process. A short chain can be used to strike the furniture in random patterns to make irregular indentions.

Antiqued and old-looking furniture is very beautiful and will add old-fashioned charm to your home. Enjoy creating beautiful antiqued furniture on your own while saving lots of money in the process.

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