How to Adjust, Remove, and Reverse Your Refrigerator Door

The steps necessary to remove a refrigerator door,adjust it if it is crooked and how to reverse the way it swings.

We have almost all had the experience of looking at our refrigerator and realizing that the door is either not closing properly or tilts to one side when shut. This always means that your door needs an adjustment. On the other side of the coin, refrigerators are large cumbersome boxes. When they have to be moved through a doorway, it often means that the doors must be removed to do this successfully. When the box is put into its new spot, the door may or may not open in a convenient direction. When this happens, the answer is usually reverse the direction that the door opens. Having said this, we need to take a look at how to accomplish these three do-it-yourself level jobs.

The tilt of the door on a refrigerator is control by a simple plate on top of the box. These instructions will work on about 99% of refrigerators. If you paid more than $2,500 for your refrigerator, you may want to have the service work done by an insured technician to protect your investment. No one likes it when you put an ugly scratch down the side of something that cost a lot of money. Your relationship with your spouse could be permanently altered by such an error. So, use your head and decide if this task is for you before beginning.

With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s return to that plate on top of your refrigerator. It will be located in the corner of the refrigerator where the door hinge is. In fact, it is part of the hinge. This plate normally has three screws in it. These may require a screw driver, or you may need a socket, wrench, or nut driver of the right size. Just take a look and grab the proper tool.

Leave the door shut. Remove all three screws and keep them handy. You will need them again in about 30 seconds. The door latch and lower hinge pin should hold your refrigerator door in place. Now, look at the three holes you have uncovered by removing the screws. One of them will be slotted rather than round. This could be true for two of them, but not usually. Start the screws back into the holes but only screw them down about half way.

Grip the handle of the door and raise or lower the door until it is level and straight with the refrigerator. These should both happen at the same time. If your refrigerator is not level, take a minute to level it up by adjusting the legs before completing the job. Your refrigerator will be much happier if it is level. This will also keep the door from swinging open or shut too hard by itself. When the door is right with the world, make sure that it is positioned correctly from left to right. If this is a problem, then you will have to loosen the lower hinge at the bottom of the door and make a similar adjustment there.

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