Fm Antenna Diy with Booster Version Two

FM antenna DIY with booster Version two.

for my first version you can visit this LINK.

this is indoor active FM antenna that consist of vertical 1/2 wave antenna with booster.
the vertical 1/2 wave antenna tuned in for FM band 88 MHz – 108 MHz reception.
a 1/2 wave vertical design features relatively high gain for an indoor antenna, approximately twice the gain of the bidirectional dipole antenna.
The 1/2 wave vertical dipole is probably the antenna of choice for high quality FM reception in an urban environment.
antenna element can make with aluminium rods or wire.
the lenght mentioned on picture below:

the element of antenna must place vertical to obtained gain.
This Booster have two active component that is transistor C 1856 and transistor C 3355.
the transistor usually used in band of UHF and VHF.
the gain of booster is very good, on my experience with “Tens world receiver” the result is best.
i can receive several distant FM station with clear sound stereo quality.
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