Five Things to Do Before You Sleep

Five things to do for your peaceful night.

Every night we sleep looking back at the day we finished with some days ending with joy and happiness while some adding sadness. Life is not so simple or balanced that we can sleep each day with the same emotional balance. Morning is important to start our work while night is equally important to end our day peacefully and prepare for the new day. With increasing stress at workplace we might feel that you are sleeping too long and cutting down productivity while few of us also have problems getting proper sleep. If you have not heard about new scientific research about cutting down your sleep and still managing to wake up next day fresh and lively then have a look at this- How to get 10 hours sleep in 2 hours? and if you are one of those individuals who is finding hard to sleep properly then- Music that makes you sleep.

Now let us discuss 5 important things to do before you sleep.

  1. Take bath and get yourself refreshed before you go to bed as your body will feel that comfort level.
  2. Note down all the events or tasks on your hand for the next day like people you have to meet, important appointments, birthday party, shopping with family, attending you kids school etc. that will make you conscious about next day and help you prepare your action plan.
  3. Make yourself comfortable and prepared for your royal sleep and make sure that there is enough darkness in the room to make your eyes feel the night.
  4. Make sure that you had enough water intake throughout the day or your sleep is bound to drain you out of water and you will be dehydrated.
  5. Remember Almighty and thank him for the day and close your eyes while trying not to let all those rushing thoughts you have gone through you day.

Few people tend to underestimate the importance of night and dedicate their early mornings while leaving themselves very tired when the day ends. Morning is important and there are also some preparations to be done for that like- 5 things for starting you good morning but also give some attention to your body and its rest period.

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  1. you forgot:
    brush the teeth!

  2. Very good 5 Tips it is very helpful to all human person and thanks for share with me.

  3. Great tips.

  4. Great tips. Some of the wording needs to be changed a little to make it even better, but you’ve got a great start here!

  5. Excellent advice and nicely done!

  6. Some very good advice here.

  7. tnx for the tips

  8. Very nice and useful tips which can improve not only our lives but can also influence others.

  9. Do you really need to do the 5th step?

  10. Spoiler Alert: God isn’t real.

  11. Awesome tips but I was looking for a more \’less structured\’ way of doing it, like a more trick or a luck action

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