Emergency Lamp: Salt and Cooking Oil

How to create an emergency salt and cooking oil lamp.

Expect the unexpected so they say, and when the unexpected happens you must always be ready. Just recently, we experienced power failures in our area due to successive typhoons that hit the country. It so happened that we don’t have available candles anymore at home, no lamp and no flashlight as well. I thought the power supply will resume within a few minutes but I was wrong. My daughter started to feel uneasy and a bit scary because it’s very dark. Fifteen minutes passed away but still no power supply, it was then I decided to make emergency measure. I remember what an old friend had taught me way back in college.

With the aid of my cell phone, I went to the kitchen and started looking for the necessary materials I need to create an emergency lamp.


  • Drinking glass
  • Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Match stick or toothpick
  • Cotton ball or a piece of cloth (cotton)
  • Lighter


  • Fill the glass with salt (¾)
  • Add cooking oil (used oil will do)
  • Wrap the piece of cloth or the cotton ball on the toothpick/match stick
  • Put it on the glass with salt and cooking oil
  • Kindle your newly made oil lamp

It’s so simple and so easy. It’s done; we now have an emergency lamp. The only problem that’s left is the availability of electric fan because it’s hot. Well, because there’s no electric power, as usual – in case of emergency, utilize human power – use a fan.

N.B. Just add oil in case the content has been exhausted.

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  1. aweomse tips, dude!

  2. Very helpful instructions!

  3. INTERESTING! thank you.

  4. Great idea Norbert. I never knew

  5. What a great dad you are. I would have never thought about making my own lamp. Living in Florida with our hurricanes we keep emergency supplies on hand from June until the end of Nov. With Hurricane Ivan we were without power for 14 days and the next year with Hurricane Dennis it was 10 days. You are right it can really get HOT! Best to you and your family.

  6. What a great way to have a light when your power is out. We have been without power for a week during a snow storm. (rare in Georgia) that was about 15 years ago.

  7. This is nice.

  8. Very useful tool to illuminate.

  9. awesome

  10. i wish you put some pictures to uderstand more

  11. hi caramel,i did but the editor did not include them. i don’t know why.thanks

  12. What does the salt do?

  13. How nice idea! I like it, direct to the point and easy to interpret… Keep up the good work…

  14. Do you stand the toothpick up? PlPlease ask Joyce to post the pics.

  15. This is really helpful! I hope you had a photo to share. But that was an emergency!

    Philippine Holidays 2011

  16. Very helpful tips. Thanks!

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