Easy DIY Maxi Skirt Tutorial

An easy, fast way to take a yard or two of remnant bin fabric and make a beautiful maxi skirt, one of this summer’s hot new trends.

On Old Navy® maxi skirt will run you $20. Ralp Lauren®’s run you $109. Two yards of remnant bin fabric from Jo-Ann®’s and your mother’s sewing machine? $5 and a great summer look that your friends will envy.

I had a scrap piece of neon pink, yellow, and red leopard print fabric lying around after I made a purse. 

This was just under the right amount for a maxi skirt, so I added a solid red 5″ hem to the bottom. You don’t have to do this if you get enough fabric, but it really made mine pop.

To sew this bad boy, you will need:

1-2 yards of your fabric of choice. (The “in” colors and patterns this season are neon, sailor, geometric, and stripes.) When picking fabric pay attention to weight, pattern, and air flow. Jersey and cotton fabrics breath really easily, flow nicely, and wil be cheap and cool in the summer. Sheer fabrics like chiffon or lace will need a liner, be more expensive, but will breath fabulously. I made mine with cotton, so that is what this tutorial will recommend. 

1/2 inch elastic measured to your waist size -2″ (for a sung fit.)

1/2 yard of fabric to trim with a hem (if you so desire.)

A sewing machine, because I would not recommend hand sewing this.

These instructions are for a skirt without a decorative hem. Skip ahead if you would like to add one.

  • The first step in sewing a maxi skirt is to have a friend measure your waist, hips, and the length from your waist to the ankle. (I have my skirt trailing just above the ground, but you can decide your own cut off point. If you want your sandals to be seen, allow an inch or two.) Record your measurements and add an inch to the length and an inch around the width.  The inch at the length will be folded over and sewed into a seam for the elastic to sit. The inch at the width is for seam allowance. 

Remember: Do not cut your skirt to the size of your waist. The elastic band will be the size of your waist. You need to measure the skirt to the size of your hips, since those are wider than your waist.

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  1. That’s cute, I think that you have a great idea. I have a maxi skirt I got from the thrift store… I love it! you can also make one out of an old floral dress that’s too tight across the bust…Good luck!

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