Do You Know About This Chigger Treatment for Your Home?

If you have plants in your home you may be looking for this home chigger treatment. Yes it is true. Chiggers can and do live in people houses. Chiggers love plants and most homes have plants. If you live where chiggers live you may have them in your home.

Do you suffer from reoccurring chigger attacks?

Chiggers could be one of those words some one may want to wash your mouth out for using. Especially if they have suffered a severe attack of chigger bites once or twice.

There is nothing pleasant about chigger bites and no one wants to be exposed twice.

Unfortunately, if you live where chiggers live it is most difficult to avoid them, completely. It is even possible to start your very own chigger chigger colony in your home.

If you are suffering from reoccurring chigger bites and you have not been outside lately, it could just mean you are now sharing your home with a chigger colony.

By the way, this colony will only get bigger.

Chiggers will make themselves to home in your bed, in your sock drawer, in your underwear drawer, in your couch and in your carpet. And in those house plants you think are so pretty.

Chiggers like to hang out where it is warm and moist. So it is possible you have some conditions around your home perimeter that is hosting chiggers. They could and can easily migrate from there into your home.

Look around your home for piles of branches and leaves where chiggers could be living. Also look for bushes growing on the dark side of your home with lots of leaves around them. Clean these areas away from you home to discourage chiggers from migrating into the house.

You can also carry those nasty chiggers in yourself or you family pet could be the culprit. The bottom line is, if you have chiggers in your house it matters little how they got there, except to know how you can prevent it form happening again.

Your Home Chigger Treatment Remedy: If you suspect your house plants are contaminated it is time to move them outdoors for a bit of sunlight. First chiggers do not like living in the sun.

This time will allow the normal life cycle of the chigger to run it’s course, which is about three weeks.

Spray the plant with diluted dish soap and vegetable oil (4 tablespoons of dish soap and 4 teaspoons of vegetable oil per gallon of water) or diluted Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint (1 – 2 oz. per gallon of water).

Do this every week for three weeks and again before moving the plant back indoors.

I hope this has been helpful to you in getting rid of chiggers from you home.

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  1. This is incorrect information. Please explore other information on the life cycle of chiggers. The above information sounds more like bed bugs.
    We live in Kansas (chigger country, for sure!) and have a lot of experience dealing with chiggers. I have never, ever, known chiggers to live indoors. As a horticulturist, I have a lot of plants, indoors and out.

  2. Thank you for posting that this is incorrect. YOU are right, unlike this article’s author. Chiggers cannot live indoors due to their need for high humidity and staying near earthen floor.

  3. i live in sc and they did get in ny home,have been fighting them for months,still get bites.went to change my vacuum bag ,got attacked by lots of chiggers now don’t want to use it again.i am at my wits end.thinking about moving.but heard you can take them with you.there is no end,they are driving me crazy.

  4. I don’t care what the “experts” say, there are chiggers in my house and they are thriving. I am a winter Texan and had never heard of chiggers until I started itching seven weeks ago. When I learned about them, I realized that I had picked them up when clearing tall grass and bush in my yard. I brought them indoors and, having no clue, did not wash my clothes or take a bath. My wife and son arrived from Canada three weeks later and, without ever going outdoors on grass, are getting bit on a regular basis. We have washed all our clothing and bedding, vacuumed frequently and had a pest control company come in and spray our rugs and our yard. Still they persist. Tomorrow we are having our carpets and furniture steam cleaned. We’ll see. Oh, and for those unbelievers, we do not have bedbugs, gnats, flees, nosee-ums, or anything other than chiggers, according to the pest controllers and medical people we have consulted.

  5. What happened? Did you get rid of the chiggers?

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