Craft a Fun Pom Pom Baby Mobile

Many little babies have fun mobiles to hang over their crib or over a play mat on the floor. These mobiles are not only visually interesting, they encourage baby to reach out and try to grab the swinging items.

Instead of purchasing an expensive baby mobile at the store, you can make a fun pom pom mobile quickly and easily:

Materials Needed for Pom Pom Baby Mobile

  1. Narrow satin ribbon.
  2. Large 2-3 inch diameter pom poms.
  3. Two 12 inch dowels.
  4. Strong fishing line or beading filament and a needle.

Putting the Baby Mobile Together

Making the fun pom pom baby mobile is quick and easy. The first step is to attach the pom poms to the satin ribbon. First, cut the lengths of ribbon. Be sure they are not too long so they do not tangle. Then, using the needle and the fishing line or strong beading filament, sew the end of the satin ribbon through the pom pom. You must push the needle through the pom pom several times and from different directions for maximum safety. To make the mobile extra cute, you can tie pretty bows in the ribbon at the top of each large pom pom.

The hanger for the pom pom baby mobile is made by crossing the two dowels and tying them together in an “X” shape. You can use thread or yarn to wrap around the two dowels in the center to hold them. Attach a loop of ribbon or yarn to hang the mobile.

How to Hang or Use the Baby Mobile

This fun pom pom baby mobile can be hung over the crib or used as a busy toy on the floor. To hang it over the crib, you can either attach a bracket to the wall and hang it from that, or use a purchased mobile stand to attach it directly to the crib. Just make sure that the holder is sturdy and will not collapse.

To use the baby mobile on the floor, you must build or purchase a sturdy stand that will hold the mobile just out of reach over the baby. You can use the frame from a baby swing to do this, as long as you remove the swing seat first.

This pom pom baby mobile is not only fun and colorful, but perfectly safe and developmentally sound as well. If constructed correctly, the baby will be able to pull and tug on the pom poms without getting them off. The bright colors and soft textures will delight your baby.

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