A Homemade Still

The steps required to make ethyl alcohol at home.

Back in the olden days our ancestors used to make some of the finest bourbon you could imagine right at home. As far as we know it is still being made in out-of-the-way places. They call it moonshine or other equally picturesque names. Since alcohol is highly taxed it is highly illegal to make alcohol at home the old-fashioned way. At the same time the government is promoting the use of ethyl alcohol as a motor fuel for your car. This is actually what they call denatured alcohol that has something added to make it undrinkable.

The simplest kind of still you can build is what they call a pot still. Over the years since its invention there is no telling how much alcohol may have produced. It is not the purpose of these instructions for anyone to make illegal alcohol or in any other way to break the law. The information given here is without warranty or any hint of a warranty. To build one of these stills you are strictly on your own.

For best results a still has to be constructed from copper that is almost a perfect conductor of heat. The trouble of the pot still however is the difficulty in controlling its working temperature. This lack of control when you are distilling a batch of distiller’s beer will allow other things besides alcohol to come out of the still. You might say these are the good, bad and ugly collectively known as fusel oil. Taken alone most of the fusel oils are poisonous but mixed with alcohol the traces of these poisons are what make you inebriated.

The first thing you’re going to have to fabricate out of copper is the base of the still this is a round covered can capable of holding about 10 gallons of distiller’s beer. Coming up from the top of the container is a length of copper tubing that is wound up in such a way that it resembles a spring. This is surrounded by a water jacket to cool it down when the hot alcohol lead vapor comes in contact with it so that alcohol comes out of the other end.

He can be applied to the covered can which is the bottom of your still either by an open flame or by an electric heater that is sealed inside the bottom of your still. The water jacket is supplied with running cold water.

The distiller’s beer is prepared by a fermenting a batch of malted grain. After the fermentation process has completed you’ll wind up of the distiller’s beer that is about 12% alcohol this is what you put into the bottom of your still to distill the alcohol.

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