10 Great Uses for Wire Hangers

10 other uses for wire hangers besides hanging clothes.

Wire coat hangers have been around at least a hundred years, effectively hanging up our clothes in closets, but also just as effectively getting tangled and bent out of shape. As long as I can remember, wire hangers have been used to replace missing radio and TV antennas. They are a source of frustration, great to use in a pinch and also help hold our clothes up in the closet. But what else can they be used for? Well, before you turn into Joan Crawford from “Mommy Dearest” and scream “no more wire hangers!” try these great uses for the simple, yet useful, invention: The Wire Hanger.

  1. Dowsing Rods

    Perhaps my favorite use of all times is as a dowsing rod. Dowsing rods have been used for centuries to divine for water, treasure, graves and spirits. Simple rods that are bent in an “L” shape, dowsing rods are said to pick up on the vibrations of whatever the seeker is searching for. You will need two wire hangers, cut the hangers at the bend of the long side (bottom) and halfway up the short piece on the other end (See insert 1).

    Next, bend the short piece out so that it is straight. The two pieces should be at a right angel from each other. Use as you would regular dowsing rods.

  2. Antennas

    Of course, I cannot forget antennas in this article. For a radio or television that is not working, a wire hanger works great as a set of antennas. Simply straighten the hook and stick it into the broken end of an antenna. Twist and shape it until a decent reception signal comes through.

  3. Costumes

    In a pinch, wire hangers are great for using in costumes for Halloween or any dress-up party. Shape them into wings and stretch a sheer material over them, gluing or sewing the material into place as your talents allow. Shape into a circle and glue on some garland (like Christmas tree decorations) for a halo. They also make great antenna for an alien costume, or for insect antennae. Be creative, wire hangers are a great and cheap way to aid in creating your own costumes.

  4. Staking Plants

    Plants that grow tall often need a stake to help them grow up straight and strong rather than lay limply on the ground, sunflowers are one example. A stick from the yard or a dowel rod works great as the stake, and a wire hanger can help keep the plant to the stake. Cut pieces about 4-6 inches in length and after placing the stake in the dirt next to the plant, help secure it to the stake by twisting a bit of wire around both the stake and the plant. Be careful not to twist too tight so that the wire cuts into the plant.

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