What to Do with Leftover Pizza

I’ve always had a bit of an issue with leftovers unless I can make them into a soup, casserole or stew. Leftovers simply re-heated lose a lot of their flavor and texture. They are still edible but they just aren’t as satisfying or pleasing to the tongue. On the other hand, I don’t like wasting food. But pizza, what do you do with leftover pizza to still make it too good to resist? Read more…


Pizza is comfort food.  It taste delicious and when made with the right ingredients is actually healthy; but one, occasionally two slices will satisfy me. I could never sit down and eat a whole pizza, not even a small one.  Pizza is very filling and I like to enjoy mine with a nice green salad, not just eat pizza and only pizza unless it is just for a quick, tide me over snack and there one slice will do too.

Oh I sometimes make the small, individual pizza using flatbread or pizza bites made with crackers and they are very good but it just isn’t quite the same as sitting down to pizza, lightly crunchy crust that is loaded with lots of good veggies, that spicy herb and tomato sauce and oozing with melted cheese but it comes in eight good sized slices and that means I am going to have a lot left over.  What do I do with the leftovers when I’m eating alone and have ordered or made a too large a pizza to be consumed in one setting?   

I refrigerate it of course or package it up in individual servings and freeze it.  The problem is that now I have to either eat it cold or dry it out too much in the oven before it is re-heated through or end up with soggy pizza when I zap it in the microwave.  These methods also take away from the delicious flavor of fresh pizza.

It is never quite the same or nearly as good.  Re-heated pizza can be so disappointing.

My friend Hoop solved the problem for me. 

He said, “Get out your pancake griddle.”

I said, “Huh?”

He said, “The griddle, that thing you cook your pancakes on, on top of the stove. Re-heat your leftover pizza on your non-stick griddle or if you don’t have a non-stick spray it very lightly with cooking oil.  Set the heat to medium-low and place your slice or two of pizza on the griddle and let it heat slowly until it is warm.  The crust will remain crispy and the cheese will re-melt and the veggies won’t get mushy and over cooked.  Try it.  It works.”

I said, “Sure, okay, if you say so.” 

I tried it.  It works and I didn’t have to toss it out or eat pizza that was no longer really appealing.   How simple is that? Just re-heat it on top of the stove, on my griddle.  Why didn’t I think of that?

I’m sure Hoop would have an answer to that question too but it wouldn’t bear repeating.

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  1. Great advice. I love eating leftover pizza even if it’s cold.


  3. Great post. I’ll be trying that next time we order pizza. We always have a couple of slices left over! x

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