What is Making Me So Moody and Irritable?

There is one thing that could possibly make you irritable and moody. It won’t apply to everybody but if this is how you feel I would look into it.

Have you been moody and irritable lately but can’t pinpoint a reason. Has your mood been so bad lately Is your mood so bad your family is afraid to say hi to you because you’ll scream at them? Do you wonder what is wrong with you?

University of California researchers say it may be too much tran fat in your diet. And one of the side effects of too many trans fat are that you can get moody and sad and irritable. The reason for this is your brain can’t make as much of the hormones serotonin and dopamine which make you feel well, the brain can’t produce these if you have too much trans fat in your body.

Do you want to slash your trans fat amount you eat by half? This can be accomplished when you go out to not order anything from the menu that is deep fried foods for your meal. Whether you eat out most days of the week or cook at home there are some forms of cooking that are fine for you to eat without a lot of transfat. You can have yourfood steamed, pan fried, barbecued, roasted, broiled, baked and grilled. Also, if you are not on a perpetual diet and want to order dessert at your restaurant meal, ask the restaurant if if they make homemade desserts right at the restaurant or do they buy it from whomever they buy their desserts from and have it sent to the restaurant. If they have it sent to the restaurant avoid it because they contain extra helpings of trans fat says bariatric surgeon , Andrew Larson

If your sweet tooth is acting up and you go to the supermarket for a box of donuts, be sure not to always fall for desserts that are labeled “trans fat free” or “zero Tans fat”. It may not be true because according to law a food company can be made up of up to 500mg of trans fat in them a serving. If you want to see if that claim is true, because there are some foods that make that claim and they don’t have trans fat in their food product. Don’t eat any with those two labels on it by looking on the ingredient label for the words partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, and vegetable shortening. Avoid a food with one or more of those fats with it I mentioned. These fats sneak into your food and give you more trans fats. If you avoid these you can cut your trans fat amount in your diet by 75%, according to Harvard research.

You can take 35% off the amount of trans fat in your liver eat 1/2 cup cruciferous vegetables and one cup citrus each day. Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D, author of “fat flush for life” tells us that, “Cruciferous veggies and citrus are loaded with phytonutrients that help your liver change trans fats into water soluble molcules that can easily be excreted by your kidneys.”

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  1. I always feel better when i eat healthy things. I try and avoid most fatty fried foods because it makes me feel so low in myself. you write this article really well. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Nutrition is so important. Good share.

  5. Excellent share, Pattiann:)

  6. Well written. Dark chocolate is good too

  7. Very good post thanks

  8. Trans fats do make a difference. The weather plays a part as well.

  9. diet an exercise is very important for health,.

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  11. This was an excellent ARTICLE. I am a Queen of Moody!
    I do find when I eat healthy I feel much better.

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