“Watermelon Slices” Made of Sorbet and Whipped Cream

Here is a good Labor Day recipe.

1 tub whipped topping by Cool whip thawed

3 to 4 green food coloring

1 pint raspberry or strawberry sherbert or sorbet, 2 cups softened

1 square semi sweet chocolate chopped.

Line 1 1/2 quart with plastic wrap. Mix half of whipped topping with food color in another large bowl until well blended. Spread on bottom and up sides of prepared bowls.Freeze 30 minutes or until form.

Spread remaining whipped topping over green layer. Freeze 1 hour until firm.

Mix sherbert or sorbet and chopped chocolate in medium bowl. Sppon into center of whipped topping.

Freeze at least 4 hours or overnight until form. Invert bowl onto serving plate; remove pastic wrap. Let stand at room temperature for 5 minutes or until desert can be cut easily. Cut into slices. Serve immediately Store leftovers in freezer

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  3. My husband’s passion in life(besides football), is watermelon. This is right down his alley! Thanks, for sharing it.

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  6. Great share love watermelon

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  9. I love watermelon. Thanks for the share:)

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