Smitten: 12


doctor and then soon after the lunch. Lunch is for such monotony, however, welcome entertainment. Food was different, customized disease patients. Some just got some soup with semolina, others just mush, even just the third meal of porridge, to which there were many lovers. Prisoners from the camp rozněžili long and we have smlsli. Those who are already healed, or they were almost completely healthy, they were cooked piece of cowhide, “bull”, as expressed in our country. Tastiest dishes to receive those who had scurvy: meat with onion, horseradish, etc.. And eventually glass brandy. Bread is distributed according to types of diseases, either black or semi, properly roasted.

The formMarcty and certainty in the prescription diet was sick just to laugh. But in some diseases of man himself did not eat anything. But those patients who felt appetite, ate what they wanted. Some exchange of food, so that food, adapted to one disease, passed on quite different. Others, who were

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