Slow Cooker Diet Recipes

This blog is designed for anyone who wants to eat great tasting food that supports their dieting goals, but who doesn’t want to spend all of their time cooking. Here you’ll find great tasting high protein, low carb meals that take only minutes to make. These meals make a huge impact in my life and hopefully they can do the same for you. Enjoy!

Slow Cooker Diet Recipes site is about helping you learn more about using your slow cooker to create nutritious yet tasteful food that help you shed extra weight. I welcome you to start this journey with me to easy way to weight loss!  I’ll demonstrate you how to optimize your cooking on a slow cooker.  I will be sharing lots of tips on saving time while cooking slow and shed your grocery bills to bare minimum and still not being on austerity basis.

The recipes shared here really tastes good to serve best to your taste buds, while being economic and lead a healthy life, all along. I will share my experiences on how I make most out of my slow cookers. I enjoy cooking, eating, spending time with my friends and still being healthy and don’t want to spend extra out of my pocket, so I experimented with slow cooker diet recipes and will be sharing same with you. The experiences were really rewarding.

I was completely bored from the routine food I used to cook, and then I came across this method of slow cooking which is healthy, tastes good and saves a lot of time. I can not afford to spend hours in the kitchen, but always look forward to cook good food. With slow cookers I spend only 10 minutes in the kitchen, do my work or spend time with friends without getting worried about that dish being cooked in the kitchen.

This is a result of my passion and goal toward losing weight, and I want to help others through it the way it has helped me. Through this I will demonstrate:

·         How not to spend hours in kitchen and yet cook a great meal.

·         How not to spend more money to satisfy your taste buds.

·         How to shed extra pounds without starving

The recipe I have in list includes Pork, Chicken, Beef as well as vegetarian recipes. I will also focus on what your kitchen should have to support your dieting goals.

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