Preparing Delicious Chrysanthemum Tea

Thirsty?Quench it with some delicious chrysanthemum tea. This tea has got a soothing taste with beneficial properties. Perfect for aftermeals!

The chrysanthemum tea has long been consumed traditionally by the Chinese because of its many healing properties. These include (as traditionally used) to cool bodily heat, to help cleanse the liver and also aid ailments like fever and sore throat. Besides drinking, the tea can also be used on the face to freshen up and also (as believed by the Chinese) to cure acne. The flowers itself have an aromatic flavor and is usually prepared with honey or rock sugar to bring out the taste. If you are drinking it without the sugar of honey, you may prepare it together with other non-fragrant tea leaves. Here are simple steps to preparing a soothing chrysanthemum drink:

  • You may purchase the dried chrysanthemum from local Asian stores together with the rock sugar. If you can’t get the rock sugar, just use honey.
  • Place a handful of the dried flowers into a cup
  • Pour boiling water over it and strain the water out. This is to remove any remaining dust or insects.
  • Put in the rock sugar (according to taste) and pour the boiling water in again. If you’re using honey, put the honey in at a later stage after the flowers have released the flavors. This can be done by mixing the honey with a little warm water to make it into liquid form, then mixing it with the tea to taste.
  • Now that flowers are steeped in boiling water, close the cup with a lid and leave it until the water cools down. Strain the tea into a glass and let some of the tiny petals thru for the added aroma.
  • Place the glass in the fridge and chill until it’s really cold.
  • Drink the tea after meals; and especially after having some spicy food or something heavy – the soothing taste goes perfectly well! 
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