Pink, Black, Green Red? What Color Salt Do You Use?

Salt isn’t just white and grainy, or crystals any more. It comes in many varieties and all the colors of the rainbow.

Salt is no longer just plain salt. There are hundreds of different varieties available all over the world. Selection is down to personal preference, but each of these types of salt in quite distinctive.

Cyprus Black Sea Salt Flakes

This sea salt is black flaky salt with a crunchy texture. It contains powdered charcoal which has no taste but is effective in eliminating gases and toxins from the stomach. These fine salt flakes have no smell and come from the Black Sea.

San Marinho Tradicional

San Marinho Tradicional is a large grained sea salt harvested on the coast of Portugal. This is a clean, pure white salt that is still harvested in the traditional way that the Romans brought to the area. It is particularly suitable for use in cooking and is very high is natural minerals including iodine.

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic salt is harvested off the Atlantic Sea coast of Brittany, France. This salt is naturally moist and slightly grey in colour. It is harvested using ancient methods which include raking with a wooden rake. No metal is allowed to touch the salt during collection.

Alaea Sea Salt

Alaea Sea Salt is traditional in Hawaii. The pink colouring in the salt crystals comes from the addition of volcanic baked clay (Alaea) which adds iron oxide to the salt. It has a milder, softer taste than ordinary sea salt, and is used in cooking and preserving.

Sonoma Flake

Sonoma Flake sea salt is a kind of Kosher sea salt . It is called Kosher because of it’s use in the preparation of food according to strict Jewish guidelines. This is the kind of salt that is put on top of pretzels and bread (as in the picture) and around the rim of the glass when you drink a margarita.

Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked sea salt is a fairly new idea in U.S. The crystals are smoked over wood fires and add a special smoky taste to meats when roasting and grilling. It is also good with fish and salads.

There are many more brands and kinds of sea salt on the market, but most of them are simply a variation of those mentioned above. It is possible to buy garlic salt, mixed black and white salt crystals and “decorative salts” in pink, grey, blue and even green which are supposed to make the presentation of food dishes more attractive.

Next time you got out to buy salt it may not be quite as simple to decide which kind to buy.

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  1. The publishers are sorting out the pictures on this one!

  2. Wonderful article, Louie. Beautiful pictures. I learn something new from you every time..Thanks.

  3. Great information, Louie! I didn’t know any of this except the garlic salt (which Jan uses in a lot of dishes). I especially like the idea of the black salt and its ability to remove toxins from the body. Thanks Louie!

  4. Louie, I use only sea salt now and very little, because it contains so many more minerals, and is less detrimental to our health than common table salt. Mine is naturally colored a hue that is pinkish tan is called Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. There is so much to know about salt. Thank you for your interesting content.

  5. Wow, you learn something new every day! What an amazing selection. I’m going to be in Birmingham on Wednesday and I know that there’s a huge food hall there. I’ll see if I can find some of the black salt, since it might be a good thing to use when you have a bit of indigestion. This is such an interesting article.

  6. I learned so many things from this article. Beautiful pictures too.

  7. Very interesting, and holds lots of information I didn’t know.

  8. Another great article! I didn’t know any of this except like Nick..Garlic salt. I am going to be checking the stores in town for Black Salt. Sounds worth the time.

  9. I learned a lot about salts from this article. Thanks, Louie, take care!

  10. These all sound interesting. I am a saly-a-holic and would love to try the smoked salt.

  11. I never knew that there was so many different kinds of salt!

  12. Interesting stuff!

  13. I would like to know where I can buy these salts, and are they expensive.? Can you cook and season foods with these salts

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