Party Cheese Spreads

Cheese balls are a party favorite! Pick the one you like the best! Enjoy these spreads on crisp crackers, rye wafers or Melba toast.

Three-Cheese Spread

1  3-ounce package cream cheese, softened

3  1 1/4-ounce packages of Roquefort cheese, crumbled

1/2 cup grated process Cheddar cheese


In a bowl, blend together cream cheese, Roquefort cheese, and Cheddar.  Pile in a serving dish; sprinkle with paprika; refrigerate until ready to serve.  Makes about 1 cup.

Walnut Chili-Cheese Ball

1 pound natural Cheddar Cheese


2  3-ounce packages cream cheese, softened

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon Worcestershire

2 tablespoons instant minced onion

1 tablespoon chili powder

Grind Cheddar cheese with 1 cup walnuts.  Blend in cream cheese, garlic powder, Worcestershire, and instant minced onion.  With hands, shape mixture into a large ball.  Roll the ball in  chili powder, then in additional ground walnuts until well coated.  Refrigerate until firm.

Chicken Almond Spread

1  3 -ounce package cream cheese, softened

1/2 teaspoon celery salt

1/2 teaspoon onion salt

1 teaspoon seasoned salt

1 teaspoon Worcestershire

Dash Tabasco

1/2 cup sour cream

1/4 cup finely-chopped toasted almonds

1 cup finely chopped cooked chicken

1  3-ounce can mushrooms drained, finely chopped

Snipped parsley

In a bowl blend cream cheese, celery salt, onion salt, seasoned salt, Worcestershire, Tabasco, and sour cream.  Now stir in almonds, chicken and mushrooms.  Pile in serving dish; refrigerate until ready to serve.  Before serving, sprinkle with parsley.

Party Cheese Ball

3  4 1/2-ounce cans deviled ham

3  8-ounce packages cream cheese

1 large or 2 medium cucumbers

2 medium carrots

1/2 small head cauliflower

Lemon juice

1 unpared medium red apple

2  4-ounce packages shredded sharp Cheddar cheese

Turn deviled ham into a small bowl then freeze about 30 minutes, or until firm enough to handle.  Meanwhile, in medium bowl, stir up cream cheese with fork; let soften at room temperature.  With hands, shape chilled deviled ham into a ball; then cover evenly with cream cheese.  Refrigerate ball on plate.  When chilled, smooth off surface with hands; cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate.

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