Methods to Prevent Apple Oxidation

Don’t want your freshly cut apple turn brown easily?

Last time I’ve talked about the factors which lead to apple oxidation. This time, I am going to tell you how to prevent apple oxidation.

Fresh cut apples turn brown when iron-containing chemicals inside apple cells react with oxygen in the air. Therefore, we can do the following to stop/ slow down the reactions between apple cells and oxygen:

  1. Use anti-oxidants such as lemon juice, which are high in citric acid.
  2. Remove the air from the apples.  This is why vacuum-packed canned foods.stay fresh so long.
  3. Use clean, high-quality cooking utensils.
  4. Cook the apples. Heat denatures polyphenol oxidase.

In fact, oxidation does not only occur in apples. We can further investigate whether the methods of preventing apple oxidation can be applied to other substance as well. For example, we can try to prevent the scabs on cuts from turning brown.

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