Maja Blanca W/o Coconut Milk

Traditionally, here in my country Philippines maja blaca is cook with coconut milk wherein you will extract the meat to get its’ milk. In my recipe, we will no longer use of coconut milk anymore but instead we will use the evaporated milk.

For Filipinos Maja blanca is known for a good dessert and always present in every special occasions. It has sweet taste that children will love. It is also nutritious because it has corn and milk.


4 cans  -   300ml Evaporated Milk

250gms -   Cornstarch

1 can     -   300ml Corn Kernel

1/2Kl.     -   White sugar

1/2bar    –   Butter


In a pan, combine all ingredients except for the butter, Mix well, then let it cook in a low heat.

Stir occasionally.  Then add the butter,  stir until the butter melted. Stir, bring to boil and let it simmer until thick.

Lastly, Remove from heat when it start to thicken and the colors turns to slightly beige or cream white.

Let it cool for a minute then put in a container and chill. This is best served when cool.


you can garnish the top of the maja with peanuts for decoration.

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