Hypertension Eggplant Veggie with Excellent Health Benefits

Eggplant a pear shaped purple skin veggie with a spongy texture; it easily absorbs different flavors and helps with our digestive system, softens stools and acts against coronary heart disease among other health benefits as lowering high blood pressure. A veggie hard to miss at markets, have more health benefits than we can think of, and is affordable, helpful to those who cannot afford high medical prices in everyday lives!

First benefit: eggplant regulates Hypertension, has high fiber and low soluble carbohydrate content, and is an excellent diet source for Type 2 Diabetes.

Simple Recipe

  • One large eggplant
  • One red bell pepper (Sliced)
  • One whole red onion (Sliced)
  • One tomato (Crushed)
  • Two cloves garlic (Crushed)
  • Half teaspoon Olive Oil 

 Sauce pan with half teaspoon of olive oil, over low heat, sauté sliced onion, pepper, garlic with crushed tomato, add a pinch of sea salt with crushed eggplant cook over medium heat about ten minutes. Sauté chicken or shrimp with your favorite spices for additional taste.  Can be eaten with boiled white rice; tortilla, sandwich rolls add lettuce, sliced cucumbers or salad leaves for a crunchy taste. A healthy dish with fiber and great deal of nutrients with great health benefits.

 Eggplant can be baked, roasted in the oven, or steamed. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (about 177 degrees Celsius) for 15 to 25 minutes, depending upon size. You can test for its readiness by gently inserting a knife or fork to see if it passes through easily. To test for the ripeness of an eggplant, gently press the skin with the pad of your thumb. If it springs back, the eggplant is ripe, while if an indentation remains, it is not.

 Second benefit: is a good source of dietary fiber has vitamins B1, B6 and Potassium. Eggplant has small traces of copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, and f o l i c  acid.  
An  ( a n t h o c y a n )  from eggplant peels,  is a potent antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, and has protective activity against lipid ( p e r o x i d a t i o n ). The antioxidant from eggplant peels protects the cell from free radicals, helps in the process of forming new blood vessels. During normal blood vessel formation, which is a necessary part of keeping tissues in the body healthy and well supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

 Sometimes we don’t realize the health benefits in our daily meals. Knowing the values we will appreciate and enjoy their taste better. Veggies like okra, eggplant and onions are good for health; eat them at least two to three times a week. Okra cleans away all toxins and helps with kidney functions, eggplant helps regulate high blood pressure and formation of blood vessels, onions helps clean artery blockages for smooth blood flow, helps to avoids heart attacks. This is all our daily foods and we must know the values, and appreciate its health benefits.

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  1. I never knew egg plant has so much of health benefits. thanks for the information.

  2. Eggplants are acquired taste. Thanks for the recipe.

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