How to Repair Your Wire Cheese Slicer

An inexpensive repair for your wire type cheese slicer using guitar string.

If you are like me when you find a neat gadget that works like no other before and it breaks, and you can be certain they do not make replacement parts for the thing.   Well I had just that problem.  I purchased a beautiful all stainless steel cheese slicer that was designed  where you place the cheese on a small cutting area and then you lift the arm that holds this thin piece of wire rigid between a bow type device then you move the piece of cheese over the slit in the cutting board set to the size you wish to slice.  Then you bring the thin piece of wire down through the cheese and you cut the perfect slice.  Well as you can guess someone in our household tried to cut a piece of hard Parmesan cheese or a brick I am not sure, with this device and broke the thin wire.  It is not designed for slicing hard cheeses.  I spent the next year visiting every cooking and restaurant store I passed to see if I could find a replacement wire.  No luck!

If you have one of these types of cheese slicers that utilizes a thin steel wire to slice the cheese there is a way to repair it without going all over the planet to find an item that seems to be nearly impossible to find.  Here is how you do the repair.

One day I was watching my son restring his guitar and the light bulb lit.  I took one of the thinnest strings and cut a piece to fit the cheese slicer fastening it to the small bow frame by twisting the excess wire on each end to make it secure.   It works beautifully.

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