How to Make Your Meat Soft While Cooking!

I wish to share my successful experience in softening or tenderizing a hard meat. It is an art of cooking and also a scientific fact. This leads to an herbal-medicinal treatment for a much talked disease called Heart Burn also!

Let us first go to learn and apply the simple technique of softening the rough meat.

How to make your meat soft while cooking!

Let it be beef, mutton, pork or chicken. By choice or mistake you happened to buy a rough meat. You will like to eat only if it is softened when it is cooked finally. Your preferred meat is ready to be cooked with all the necessary ingredients in a pressure cooker. Before closing the lid, add a half teaspoonful of Pappain, a white powder made from sun drying of a milky white latex extract from a fruit named papaya.

Papain: a white miraculous powder!

This white latex powder is capable of dissolving some rough muscle cells of any tough meat and tenderizes them finally into a soft delicious dish relished by young and old!


Papaya is quick growing fruit tree that produces round or oval shaped fruits with thin skin and numerous seeds. When the fruit is unripe, the outer fruit body portion contains a lot of milky latex. By making longitudinal incisions, the latex is drained as milky drops and collected in stainless steel trays on the tree itself.

Rubber from trunk: papain from fruit!

In rubber, the latex is taken from tree by a slanting spiral cut on the trunk. But, it is drawn from the unripe fruits of papaya on the tree itself. The dried latex is scrapped from the stainless steel trays and made into nice powder called Pappain, a natural meat tenderizer!

Unripe-Papaya cut pieces will do!

If you can peel the skin, cut and make some pieces out of this unripe papaya fruit, you can put them into the boiling gravy of the tough meat in the open vessel; your hard meat gets softened in minutes!

These are all adopted as general practices in Arab countries, where meat cooking is predominant among all.

Papaya is a good herbal medicine now!

Well ripened papaya fruit with orange and yellow colored soft pulp

is very good for health as it contains vitamins and nutrients. They are capable of curing the stomach and intestinal ulcers if taken three times a day as a dessert or fruit juice. Besides it cures the ulcerous discomfort in the abdomen and intestines, it removes the anxiety about the “heat burn” disease.

This heart burn disease is not related to heart. It is related to food track close by the heart in the chest region. These ulcers are cured by fully grown and well ripened papaya fruits.


You know unripe papaya with the latex is a meat tenderizer. Even the peel removed unripe cut fruits may also contain traces of papain. And so it will cause damage to internal cell walls of the digestive track.

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