How to Make Soup Less Salty

My grandfather knows a thing or two about salty soup.

Sunday dinners at Grandpa’s house are special occasions. To reduce the burden of feeding fourteen people on my poor grandmother, my mother and aunts would prepare their part of the meal at home and bring it over in huge steaming pots. Such was the case when I attempted to make vegetable soup.

I arrived early with this appetizer and Grandpa met me at the door. He suggested we put my soup on the stove to keep it warm. Together we tasted the broth and both realized immediately that it was too salty! I was embarrassed and worried that I had let everyone down, again. I couldn’t even make soup right! In my haste to get over to my Grandfather’s house I had gone and added too much salt and now the soup was ruined.

“Hold on,”‘ Grandpa says, “I know a thing or two about salty soup”.

I can’t imagine how anyone could take the salt out of soup, I lamented. When was I going to learn? Never doubt Grandpa!

Grandpa peeled a potato and chopped it in half. Then he dropped both halves into the soup and brought the mixture to a boil on the stove. We waited for about five minutes before he took the potato halves out of the soup. To my surprise, the soup wasn’t salty anymore – the potato was.

Grandpa told me then that the starch on the exposed flesh of the potato absorbed the salt in the soup.

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  1. Glad I found this. My soup was too salty; tried to thin it, to reduce the salt. Only intensified it. This worked.

  2. life saver :-) made up good advise grandpa :-) cheers

  3. I just tried this with some bean soup. I think it helped, but not enough. I ended up removing most of the liquid, adding tomato sauce, and adding more of the main seasoning EXCEPT salt. Now I will only add 1/2 of what is called for in the recipe when I cook it, and salt to taste at the END of cooking.

  4. This is a old wives tale. This actually does absolutely nothing towards reducing the amount of salt in the soup. This is because the potatoe is just sucking up the water with the salt in it. So proportionally it reduces the water and salt by the same amount. So if you really want to fix a soup with 2 much salt just take a cup of liquid of the top of the soup and add either a cup of water or stock until u get desired taste.

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