How to make pizza: Original Italian recipe

Discover the secrets of Italian pizza, will be much easier to eat a pizza the original Italian. Learn how to make pizza by himself.
it is really simple if you follow my recipe.

The pizza is a delicious Italian dish.
I think it would be better to take a plane and came here for one night to eat pizza.

Waiting for that you have enough money to make a trip like that I write to you an easy recipe of the pizza.
Pizza ingredients are:

-water (enough to obtain a homogeneous mixture),          

- flour                                                                                  ,

- salt (20g for 1 kg of flour) and                                           

- yeast                                                                               

The amount of yeast is a particular item. For a good pizza you have to learn to control the yeast for pizza. How? the yeast is alive, when you dissolve in water he drinks and multiplies. The temperature in addition to the amount of yeast is a key element. at a temperature of 35 degrees the yeast multiplies very quickly. that’s why the mix should stay at that temperature. DO NOT TAKE COLD.

Discovered the secret to a good leavening of the pizza, we pass to the procedure:
1) Put the flour on the table with yeast dissolved in a glass of warm water and salt.

2) you knead the dough with a passion for listening in the hands.
When the dough becomes smooth, soft and compact, let it rise in a warm place for 1 hour. If you find that too is brewing, you can mix it another time with your hands and let it rise.

If you have a wood oven, spread the pizza, cover with tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil and bake. if you have a regular oven, roll out the dough and place in a baking dish. Let rise for 15 minutes and then add the tomato, mozzarella and basil oil. Bake at 250 degrees.

Here are a few steps to get a real Italian pizza.

Pizza is a typical Italian dish. it is criticized by “low carbohydrates diets”. Just do not eat too much! (read my article:

Dash Diet: Diet to Reduce The Impertension and Improves Health

e Carbohydrates: These are Very Dangerous as We Think?

If you have problems at some stage, contact me. I’m thinking about putting on offer hospitality for a few days at my house and give a pizza to those who make better pizza. If you like the idea we hold a competition, “the best Italian pizza recipe”

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