How to Make Perfect French Fries

The best French fries will probably come from your own kitchen. Here’s how you can make a perfect order of fresh, hot fries.

French fries could never be classified as a health food but enjoying a perfect cooked order of these delicious potato strips could almost be described as a spiritual experience. When you do decide to splurge on a hot, crispy order of French fries you want them to be no less than perfect. Buying French fries at local fast food joints and restaurants can be a hit or miss experience as far as taste and freshness. Why not make them yourself at home? They’ll probably taste better and will be a bit healthier than the ones you get at your local greasy spoon establishment. Here’s how to make the best French fries you’ve ever eaten::

Make perfect French fries: Pick your potatoes

To make the best French fries, you’ll want to start with high quality potatoes. The best fries are made from russet potatoes that have a low moisture content. The low moisture content means the potatoes will absorb less oil during the cooking process resulting in French fries with a crispier texture.

Make perfect French fries: Prepare your potatoes

Start by peeling the potatoes and cutting them into the shape of French fries. Before cooking them, place them into a bowl of ice cold water to which you’ve added you’ve added a small amount of vinegar. Allow them to soak for about an hour. This will ensure maximum crispness when you finally fry them.

Make perfect French fries: Blanch your potatoes.

To create the very best fries, you’ll want to blanche your potatoes before frying them. To blanche potatoes, heat clean cooking oil to a temperature of 350 degrees Farenheit. It’s important that your oil be hot enough to keep the potatoes from soaking up extra oils during the blanching process. Cook your potatoes on both sides for 3-5 minutes. Your goal is to precook your fries. You don’t to cook them until they’re golden brown. After removing your fries from the blanching oil, put them in a container and refrigerate them until you’re ready to fry them golden brown.

Make perfect French fries: The final fry

When you’re ready to serve your fries, heat your cooking oil to a temperature of 365 degrees Farenheit. Slowly add the potatoes to the pan and fry them on both sides until golden brown in color. Immediately remove from the oil when golden brown and place them on an absorbent towel to drain any excess oil.

Make perfect French fries: Season your fries

Always serve your freshly made fries within ten minutes for best taste. Before serving, sprinkle your fries with sea salt. Many people enjoy the taste of natural French fries and won’t require any other seasoning. For the more daring, fries can be seasoned with garlic, chili powder, black pepper, parsley, or a variety of other dried herbs and spices. They can also be served with an array of dipping sauces such as honey mustard, barbeque sauce, or garlic mayonnaise. Of course, the favorite for many people is still old fashioned ketchup.

However you choose to serve your freshly made fries, you can be sure that the best French fries will come from your own kitchen. Why not make some today?

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  2. My own attempts at making French fries ended in a soggy mess. Fry them TWICE you say? I never would have thought of it!

  3. its bit confusing…

  4. most people have never heard of frying the chips twice, and you wouldn’t think it would do anything but it really works. Any restaurant or place that you’ve had a decent chip in you life has predipped them in warm/hot oil. However, unlike this lady suggests you don’t have to cook them for more than a minute or two the first time and the oil should really only be around 225-250 degrees.

  5. I just made some right now, fried em once and it was perfect :) maybe if you would want the extra tenderness and crispiness you would fry em twice, But i just did it once, and it seemed fine, not soggy at all :) however your choice how you would want to make them

  6. I learned this technique from a cooking show and immeidiately tried it, and “WOW” what a difference! The true key is to double fry it, and I noticed that the same amount oil remained the same after cooking the fries this way. It is certainly much more healtier than any of those fast-food restaurants since they use frozen potatoes…give a try, you will probably never order another batch from a restaurant again.

  7. wow. this was stinkin awesome. im doing it again right now. im fasting and theres no other temptation than a hot straight from the kitchen french fr. delicious! thank you ever so much for a miracle-article like this :) French fries will never taste the same again.

  8. gtfo

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