How to Make Food Taste Better

A how-to explaining how to make mundane food taste much better.

Eating food is a vital activity for all humans, and it can be quite fun if you know how to do it right! Sure, there’s not much to eating, it’s just simply picking up a forkful of food, and then chewing it, but, there is so much more that people can do to make it taste better.

I’ve been eating food for my whole life, I’m a vegetarian, and I enjoy food more than most people. I am able to do this not just by luck but by a simple practice of psychological training that forces the mind into enjoying food more.

The first thing that anyone can do to start their food loving is by simply eating less. It’s not a matter of dieting to the point of starvation, but by eating less food, over an extended period of time during the day, food tends to get a little more bland taste. Then, after all the food that is eaten starts to taste almost the same, make a nice meal. Cooking a tasty meal with lots of flavorful vegetables, and fruits, makes the meal taste a million times better than it would before.

Another thing that any one can do very easily is to eat when happy. Eating when sad, or depressed, is never a good thing because it just trains the person into using food as an escape. Doing this does not actually get rid of sadness, it just focuses the mind into associating food with sad times. However, the same thing works for eating during happy times. If food is eaten mostly during times of extreme happiness, the mind will associate the eating of food with being happy!

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you can enjoy food much more than before!

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