How to Get Rid of Wireworms

How to get rid of wireworms.

How to get rid of wireworms
Recently, I received a letter requesting help to get rid of wireworms. Responding to him, collected all the information that you know or found in his archive, and had an interesting thing. I, at least, such a synthesis of the material against wireworm has never met, so I decided to share it with readers. I hope someone, this should help.
Wireworms – it’s not just a small larva in a worm up to 20 mm, stiff as wire and come in different colors (usually yellow or light brown), and pupae, and beetles, click beetles – for a five-year development cycle of wireworms. In the first year – a small larva of light yellow color, the second or third year, the larvae grow in size, on the fourth – in June and August turn into pupae, which after 2-3 weeks turn into click beetles, and for the fifth year in May beetles lay their eggs. Just do not think that if there is a striker, there is no beetles and pupae. On the contrary, if it wound up wireworms, they are all in full kit: small and large larvae, pupae and beetles, click beetles.
Wireworms loves damp and acidic soil, dense plantation, weeds (especially bluegrass), does not like legumes (peas, soybeans, beans, beans, etc.).
To control wireworm is first necessary to farming practices.
It is necessary to carry out deep autumn (20-25 cm) and smaller spring digging, with many killed larvae and beetles. When digging the soil should choose the larvae, pupae and beetles, lime acidic soils, making lime, chalk, grind egg shells, etc.; fertilize ammonium forms of fertilizers: ammonia water, ammonium sulfate; permanently destroy the weeds, especially bluegrass.
Can not leave piles of foliage at the site and plant debris, thickened crops.
But the same cultural practices to bring wireworms are very difficult, and perhaps even impossible. So I want to offer some advice.
In the spring when planting potatoes, tomatoes, etc. – hole, and landing root – furrows should pour pink solution of potassium permanganate from watering. A watering can (10 liters) of 20-25 holes. Gives very good results.
Spread on sticks 20 cm long pieces of raw potatoes, carrots or beets, and buried at the site to a depth of 10-12 cm ends of the sticks to leave protruding above the ground. Every 2-3 days the bait must be pulled out, to collect larvae and re-bury. This method must be applied 3-4 days before planting, and then throughout the summer.
Take glass jars (0.25 liter, 0.5 liter), put the bottom pieces of raw potatoes, carrots or beets, and buried at the site in the shadow of the neck. At one hundred square meters to 10 pcs. Every 2-3 days to collect beetles, by adding or replacing as necessary bait. Apply all summer. This method is effective for the destruction of click beetles.
Autumn expand the section of a handful of straw or manure. When is the frost, to gather and burn piles.
In the highly contaminated site Plant legumes. Wireworms they can not stand and this site goes.
Well, as a last resort – for the destruction of wireworms manufactured product bazudin. How to use it, you can read in the instructions.

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