How Long People Have Been Using These Popular Kitchen Appliances, Eating and Cooking Utensils?

…And how long people have been eating and drinking those favorite drinks and foods of yours?


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Chopstick 600 BCE

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Chopsticks are eating utensils associated with Asian people, particularly the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. It was invented in 600 BCE in China.

Fork – 1000 BCE

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Another eating utensil that was invented in China is the Fork. According to records, the Fork was invented in 1000 BCE.

Refrigerator – 400 BCE

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The Yakh-chāl or Ice Pit of Persia is the most ancient type of refrigerator.
By 400 BCE, Persian engineers had already mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the desert.

Oven – 2500 BCE

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Imagine life without pastries, cookies and bread. Thanks to the invention of the oven. It is believed that the oven was invented between- 2500 and 900 BCE in Balakot, Indus Valley Civilization.

Water Reservoir

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An Ab Anbar is a traditional reservoir or cistern of drinking water in Persian antiquity. It had been in used for hundreds of years now.

Pressure Cooker – 1679 CE

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The fastest way to tenderize meat especially the tough one is trough pressure cooker. This cooking utensil was invented in 1679 by Denis Papin.

Soft Drinks – 7th Century CE

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The first soft drinks were produced in the Arab Empire.

Sherbet – 996 CE

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Like the Soft Drink, Sharbat or Sherbet were invented in the Arab Empire in 996 CE.

Noodle – 2000 BCE

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Your favorite noodle was invented in China more than 4000 years ago in 2000 BCE. What’s your favorite flavor? Chicken or beef?

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