Household Tips for Tenderizing Meat

Meat tenderizers sometimes have a “chemical” feel when it comes to cooking meat. A few tasty favorites in your cabinet or fridge (and a few cooking tricks) can help make meat tender using your favorite flavors or adding nothing but tenderness to your cut.

Tenderizing meat when there’s no tenderizer in the cabinet is easy — some of your favorite household products and cooking methods do the same job without any additional purchase.


For a flavorful tenderizer, try lemon juice, Rub it into the meat, along with any additional seasonings, then refrigerate for a few hours. Lemon softens the quality and adds a sweet, citrus flavor perfect for lemon chicken or sweetened pork chops.


Soak your cuts of meat in vinegar or rub it in and refrigerate for a few hours. Vinegar tenderizes meat without adding any additional flavors, so you can season and cook any way you prefer.

Slow Simmer

Slow simmer cooking is a great way to tenderize meat and add flavor. A large saucepan will do, but a crock pot is best, since it allows the meat to cook slowly at steady heat over a long period of time. Slice the meat into chunks, add barbecue sauce or your favorite flavors, and let cook thoroughly until tender.

Tender, succulent meat is easy to achieve with either proper cooking or the right pantry products. The result is a mouth-watering dish you can’t resist.

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