Get Boiled Eggs From Your Microwave

Using the egg cooker is exceptionally easy, making the instruction manual a simple one-sheet insert. Because it is easy to lose this small piece of paper, the instructional information is included here.

Eggs have made a comeback from the years when nutritionists recommended you avoid them because of cholesterol. Eggs are a low calorie snack, containing healthy fats. These days, you can even get Omega 3 rich eggs to further improve the healthiness of this classic food.

A Better Way to Cook Eggs

Water takes time to boil, making the busy dieter less likely to eat eggs. A solution for this problem: the Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Cooker. This product promises to give you “up to 4 perfect hard or soft boiled eggs in your microwave oven”. The device makes cooking eggs simple and easy. There is little to no cleanup and the cooker is dishwasher safe. The microwave egg cooker steams the eggs, rather than boiling them.

How it Works

The Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Cooker is an egg-shaped case containing a metal tray for holding up to four eggs. The top of the case is also lined with metal. To use the device, you simply pour water up to the fill line located underneath the tray and replace the cap. You then heat the cooker in the microwave, which brings the water to boil. The steam created heats the tray, cooking the eggs by conduction.

Using the egg cooker is exceptionally easy, making the instruction manual a simple one-sheet insert. Because it is easy to lose this small piece of paper, the instructional information is included here. While you can call Nordic Ware for to get a new set of instructions mailed to you, this defeats the purpose of trying to get quickly cooked eggs!

Instructions for the Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Cooker:

  • Remove the aluminum insert from the base of the egg cooker
  • Fill the base up to the file line with water (about 1 ½ cups)
  • Replace the aluminum insert and fill the tray with up to four eggs
  • You do not need to pierce the eggshell
  • Snap on the egg cooker lid
  • Microwave on high for the times indicated below:

Microwave Cooking Times

600 Watt Oven

  • Soft, 7 minutes
  • Medium, 8 Minutes
  • Hard, 10 Minutes

800 Watt Oven

  • Soft, 6 minutes
  • Medium, 7 Minutes
  • Hard, 9 Minutes

1000 Watt Oven

  • Soft, 5 minutes
  • Medium, 6 Minutes
  • Hard, 8 Minutes

You may find that you need to adjust cooking times for your particular microwave. Make notes on the proper cooking times for you and keep these instructions in your recipe box. Once you find the right cooking time, you will consistently get perfectly cooked eggs.

Be Careful, the Cooker Will be Hot!

After microwaving, let the egg cooker cool for two minutes before you remove the cover.  Run the eggs under cold water before eating to ensure you can handle them without getting burned.

Now that you know how to use your cooker, there is no reason not to enjoy more healthy eggs in your diet!

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  1. Ha ha! THANK YOU for posting the directions. I am right now trying to (quickly) make microwave eggs and lost the little sheet. :o )

  2. thanks i lost mine too!

  3. I lost mine too! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. I got my egg cooker at a garage sale so thanks for the info!!

  5. just got mine at a market stall with out instructions, cant wait to try in the morning, thanks

  6. My husband tossed my instruction sheet, so thanks!

  7. Thank you for posting the directions. Mine got lost in the remodeling and I just love having perfect eggs. Evidently you had great hindsight in putting this up from the looks of how many people need it. Have a great day & enjoy your eggs.

  8. Thank you sooooo much. I have had mine for several years but no instructions. I just had warm hard boild eggs for the first time in ages. Again, thank you.

  9. Thank you for posting this information. Very helpful! I’ve been using my Nordic Ware Egg Boiler for about 4 years. Never can remember the cooking times and I can’t find my instruction manual at the moment. Got your page bookmarked now!

  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It’s nice to know that I am not the only one that can’t remember the times and never can find my instruction sheet.

  11. I have a 1200 watt microwave, it takes aprox 4 minutes to get medium hard eggs, but I havent experimented with soft and hard yet.

  12. WoooHooo! Thanks!

  13. Lost my instructions. Thank you so much for posting this info.

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