Food Myth Most People Believe

Are you guilty?

One day while doing my laundry in our apartment building’s laundry room and talking with a friend, who also lived there, I saw John (not his real name) buy a $2 bottle of regular pop from a vending machine. My friend commented that the pop was pricey. John answered “well this is my lunch.” Concerned about his health she noted that it should consist of something healthier to which John retorted “eating healthy is too expensive for me.”


How often do you hear it from people? Perhaps you even believe it yourself. If you do, I hope you will continue reading because it is simply not true. John from our building is a very hard working guy and very nice, but he is already suffering from poor health  due to his poor eating habits and I am sure that he has a higher food bill every month than I do. I see him and his wife drinking Tim Horton’s coffee every day and besides pop they often eat Mc. Donald’s meals, which do not come cheap either. It costs at least $20 for one meagre meal for two people, while our family of four eats a main meal for way less $5-10$ by cooking it at home.


We also do not drink pop at all, which saves us over $700 a year in comparison with someone like John who drinks pop everyday. I brew my own coffee, which costs me $5 a month rather than $90 that John and his wife spend by buying theirs daily and they likely buy something more to go with it, which means even more money spent.


Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating only organics or other specialty foods marketed as healthy. Regular fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value and many of the organic fancy cereals /bars are loaded with sugar, which is not healthy for you at all. You can have plain oatmeal with sprinkle of dry fruit on it for fraction of the price. I pay only $8 for 5 kg of oatmeal, which lasts me at least 3 months.


 I found that whole wheat bread, low fat cheese, and milk are the same price as white bread and high fat variety, so you are not paying more by opting for healthy product. If you decide to eat fruit instead of drinking juice, you will find that it will cost you less. The same thing happens when you buy more legumes and less meat. It costs you less, but you eat way healthier.


If you are not convinced yet, then ask yourself if you will be able to afford the medications when inevitably you will get sick from eating unhealthy. Blood pressure, diabetes, and other medications can cost you hundreds of dollars every single month. Especially when you do not have the coverage, which if you are trying to save by eating unhealthy, you probably do not have. Don’t even dare to delude yourself that government will pay if you live in a country like Canada, because even there the coverage is becoming smaller every year.


Eating healthy not only costs less, but it saves us what no money can buy, your health and the quality of life. Can you afford to lose that?  The myth of healthy food being expensive is not only a lie, but it robs people of their very life. Do not be deceived. Eat healthy, live long, and live happy.





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  1. An excellent post. If only more people paid attention.

  2. I hear people say that all the time, and the press perpetuates the myth. I shop very frugally, and eat fresh vegetables, whole grains, fish, chicken and fresh fruit. If I open a can, it’s usually vegetables for a salad, or beans. For the $2 “John” paid for his soda, he could make several sandwiches on whole wheat bread with egg salad, sliced fresh chicken, turkey or just lettuce, tomato and cheese. There are people who overspend on junk, then wonder why they feel so poor. A trip to a fast food restaurant is around $5. For that, I can make three or more meals, depending on what it is. “John” and all the “Johns” who claim they have no money and eat this way do not try to eat better. If they did, they would, and they don’t.

  3. Most people I know eat healthy rather than sugar-filled diets and junk food! It is all a choice…

  4. My Dear Friend what can I say except guilty now in my 60’s I have emphysema, Burgguers disease ( a horrific problem), high cholesterol and have lost the control of most of my finger and feet feelings, all due to burning the candle at both ends. I can no longer play classical or blues guitar because my fingers will not go where they should and know there will come a time (if the emphysema or Burgguers do not get me first) when feet and hands will be amputated. So make sure you continue to pass your message to all, Thank You

  5. Very good info! My wife loves to cook up a nice inexpensive vegitable dish, and I love it. Eating healthy and getting the right exercise is a good key to a longer life.

  6. good information

  7. Great article to read and informative too. Thanks.

  8. Body does not demand any thing special, only boiled vegetables, fruits and milk. that.s it. is it expensive ?

  9. A person will save a lot more money if they made healthier choices. I believe that it’s alright to take a treat every now and then.

  10. Great article, great advice. Eating healthy is not hard to do. All it takes is common sense and a will to do it. I do eat healthy, most of the time, and it does not crunch my budget. Great share. I hope people will read this and listen.

  11. Excellent points for motivation to make healthier food choices and save some money too.

  12. I think what it is, is that “Joe” has no interest in the effort of healthy food. Most food that’s both cheap and healthy has a higher investment of effort than just sliding a bill into a vending machine.

  13. Excelent work. Thank you for share.

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  14. It isn’t necessary to buy the most expensive foods, stores have sales. You can choose to eat only the lowest priced veggies and fruits and eat healthy food, or you can spend your money for junk food. Many people prefer junk to health. Good reporting Lynn.

  15. Sorry Edyta.

  16. Good article.

  17. Had to come back for another look at this one great piece
    Best Wishes

  18. Completely true.
    Nice article!

  19. Wheat bread definitely costs the same at my supermarket. Wheat flour costs just a little more than the regular.

  20. Convenience is what costs more. Healthy eating is more work and requires more planning ahead of time. If ‘John’ waits until dinner time to think about what to eat for dinner, and he has no groceries in the house, a fast meal is more convenient.

  21. I really appreciate seeing these articles. I used to think eating healthy is something I would do when I was wealthier and older, if I’m young and poor I can’t think about that, right? I’m very very thankful that a health condition and chronic stress and anxiety basically forced me to look at my eating and break or completely change many eating habits. True that its not more expensive, but it does take willpower which is something that sometimes you only realize you have when you absolutely MUST change. Good luck to everyone trying to eat healthier, and have a better life. Thanks for this article!

  22. Good Greetings sister Edyta,

    Informative information. I do agree with you are saying, but for some people eating healthy is too expensive to maintain on a daily basis.

    Some people simply just do not have the extra money to buy only the healthiest food to use to prepare their meals at home. These same people are usually the ones working two or three jobs to try to keep their heads above water and most still find themselves short on cash every month. I know because I am one of these people.

    Here in my hometown, our local grocery stores and produce markets have gotten extremely expensive for a person like myself to buy all of the staple products that I have normally purchased over the years. With a weakening dollar, poor economy, high gas prices, lower yields in farming, higher costs to feed livestock and everything else that is partly responsible for driving up food costs in the United States, it is becoming harder and harder to even eat one healthy meal per day much less two or three regular meals.

    I am a average height guy with a slender build and not over weight and I fall short of my ideal weight too. Don’t eat out as often as I did several years ago and eat at home most often. I read food labels to try to avoid consuming corn syrups and other ingredients which have names that I cannot even pronounce much less understand if they are natural ingredients or produced in some lab. I eat more produce than I once did, but I do still eat meat and fish most especially. I can at least save money on the fish that I eat as I can go to my local lake and catch as much as I will eat.

    My health has actually improved over the years and not because I have started eating some better than I once did, but because with all that I just share with you, I do not no longer worry where my next meal will come from or worry much about anything anymore, because I have laid it all on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the reason why my health has improved. He is the reason why I do not worry myself to death about things in longer. He is my provider. The opportunities that the Lord has provided me is the reason why I have zero debt and everything that I have is totally paid in full. Jesus is my rock and my salvation, my provider and my rest and the peace that is still in my soul is all because of what GOD has done for me and all I have done is trusted in Him. The Lord Jesus Christ has done everything and I have done nothing but simply believed and trusted in GOD’S promises that He has made by His Word.

    I may not be rich, but I am certainly not poor, because I lack nothing and GOD is the reason for that.

    In Christ with brotherly love,

    Living By Grace

  23. @ Living By Grace

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, Brother. From what you wrote seems that you are eating pretty healthy already and trying to make the best food choices withinin the means you have and that’s the point of the article.

    You don’t have to always buy expensive items labeled as “healthy” by marketers in order to eat well. Any produce is better than junk foods and foods made at home are always more healthy and less expesive than eating out because you control what you put in it.

    And when you do your part, then you can fully trust God for the rest. I very much believe in divine health too, in being connected to Jesus the very source of life both physical and eternal.

    God Bless.

  24. Very helpful!
    Everyone wants to eat healthy food. Thanks

  25. Ha, great!

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